Back to $2.19 Today

Comment on the August 9 posting: There was a reset in Indiana, prices in Michigan didn’t move much, and prices are still cheap in north Kent County ($1.91).

Tuesday, August 19, 2020, Noon: Looks like Marathon is starting at price hike to $2.19 right now. That’s consistent with wholesale prices, but all-in-all, things have been pretty quiet lately. Grab gas under $2 while you can. -EA

Updated: August 19, 2020 — 11:24 am


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  1. Still seeing many stations under $2.00, one at $1.87.

    Re: the new banner, Ed, you made a bold choice!

  2. I paid $1.919 at a UDF in Northern Kentucky over the weekend. Less than $2 gas is not hard to find in the Greater Cincinnati area.

    That is why Ed will eventually be correct here and we will have the umpteenth weekly spike to $2.199 in the next day or two…excuse me, $2.259. I almost forgot the SW Ohio surcharge.

  3. $1.929 in Hamilton Ohio Sunday. Big Red’s hold on prices is loosening. Spikes seem to have no foothold anymore.

  4. Looks like Speedway is trying to shake it up a bit. $2.25 on this one in northeast Indiana….

  5. Laura induced spike in wholesale. So Speedway going to $2.39 ($2.49 in Cook County). Still lower than my method came up with but that has been the consistent pattern this summer.

  6. $2.299 spike in Ohio. Topped off for $1.929 this morning. Nice try Speedway.

  7. Welp, a lot of stations back down to 2.099. 2.299 didn’t last long.

  8. Prices keep falling in east Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti. Many stations under $1.90. Hope I don’t jinx it!

  9. Paid $1.939 in sw Ohio this morning. Poor, poor Speedway.

  10. Anyone know if 7-11 plans to turn most or all of Speedway’s 3900 stores into franchise operations? That might affect whether price games continue after the 2021 acquisition.

  11. Jim, I just assumed they would rebrand them as 7-11s. Others, yourself included, are way more knowledgeable than I am here, but I’m genuinely concerned about this. Of course I hate the Speedway Effect and how they dictate the sometimes insane and unwarranted price spikes, but I don’t often buy gas at Speedway. I have Kroger points and a local chain, Lassus Brothers, that gives me a better price 99% of the time. But….I love the store side of Speedway. The selection and the decent deals they have on the snacks and caffeinated beverages that keep so many of us awake. And, they are literally everywhere. The 7-11s I have frequented over the past decade leave much to be desired. I am afraid that the switch to 7-11 will destroy the Speedway stores in their current form. I would much have preferred a takeover by Sheetz or maybe QuickTrip, QT. Hopefully I am wrong on my concern, but I don’t much faith in 7-11. They seem a far cry from what they once were.

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