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Ed Aboufadel has been writing and analyzing gas prices since 2001, and Tim and Craig have joined TGG a few years ago.  Years ago, Patrick (who now works for GasBuddy.com) spent most of his time researching and keeping his predictions semi-private.  Ed has kept a detailed log of gas prices since 2001.  Along with this site, we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

In August 2006, TheGasGame.com was born.  It should be noted that “The Gas Game” was a name that Ed called his daily monitoring since around 2002, when he first started his blog. After the domain name was acquired, writers on the site provided west Michigan locals and those in nearby states more insight into how gas prices work. In May of 2009, Patrick accepted a position with GasBuddy, a consumer oriented gas price organization as Senior Petroleum Analyst.

The Gas Game: As seen and as heard on WZZMTV13, WOODTV8, WSNX 104.5 FM, WOOD 1300 AM, WNXT 99.3 OHIO, Runago.com, TheNest.com, and more!

About our writers …

Ed Aboufadel is an Associate Vice President at Grand Valley State University. His graduate work was done in the area of ordinary differential equations, with applications to biology and chemistry. Since graduating, his scholarly work has focused on wavelets and Fourier analysis, 3D printing, and big data projects.

Ed started thinking about gas prices in 1999, after seeing the seemingly random price hikes in Standale, where he used to live. By 2001, after collecting daily data and experimenting with some formulas, he started to understand why price hikes occur when they do. He began to try to time his fill-ups with when he thought price hikes would occur. In 2002, he wrote an essay on the subject that appeared in The Grand Rapids Press, and he started the original Gas Game web site where he posted predictions regularly. By 2006, he had appeared several times on the local TV news, and then joined with Patrick to post gas price commentary and predictions at thegasgame.com.

Craig Paull is currently the I.T. Director for Kent County, and is a West Michigan native. Craig has been following oil and gas prices for a number of years (along with other financial data), and volunteered to jump in to help keep data on the site updated. His interest in gas prices in particular stems from his decades-long fascination with automobiles, covering those he has owned and the ones he wishes he could.

Tim Sumpter is a chemical engineer who lives in Huber Heights, Ohio.

Bill Eby grew up in Northern Indiana, just 30 miles from the Michigan state line. Bill met his wife, who is from the Netherlands, while attending Ball State, where he received a Telecommunications degree.  Bill and his wife have two lovely children and currently live in the Indianapolis area.

Bill is the originator of the Spike Line but has left behind prognostication to investigate stories about the gas industry and report on them here. If you have any information, or something you would like to see a story on, you can find his email on the left side of the home page.

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