7-11 to Add Their Piece to the Gas Game Board

Sunday, August 9, 2020, 2PM: Last weekend, we learned that the owner of the 7-11 system was purchasing Speedway from Marathon. (Yes, Speedway and Marathon have been part of one company for years, despite competing “on the street”.) Maybe it was my imagination, but this seemed to turn the “Gas Game” on, because last week we had daily price drops in a number of location, followed by a hike to $2.19, followed by more small daily drops. The implication of this sale for Michigan and elsewhere is unclear at this time. Slurpees at Speedway? The deal doesn’t close until first part of 2021, so we’ll see in the next six months if Big Red still wants to lead prices higher on price hike days, or if competitors might test their resolve. Looks like that is already happening in Sparta (is that a $1.98?). For me, I will fill up if we see prices near $2 even in many places. -EA

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Updated: August 9, 2020 — 2:08 pm


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  1. Less than a week after the latest $2.199* spike (*$2.259 in SW Ohio only). I am back to paying $2.029 at Sam’s. I don’t think they even hiked their price over $2.079 in that time.

    I got lazy. Had I drove about 7 miles further I would have found $1.999 gas.

    Another spike bites the dust.

  2. Same. $2.029 in Hamilton, Ohio Sunday afternoon.

  3. Looks like $2.19 across Indiana. A little Back to School Slap courtesy of your local gas stations.

  4. Big red attempting the $2.199 ($2.259 in sw Ohio) in Ohio again, for the third week in a row. Wonder if this will fail as miserably as the last two attempts.

  5. Another lowball hike to $2.35 in Chicagoland today.

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