March To Come In Like A Lion?

Comment on the February 8 prediction:  That’s exactly what happened, so CORRECT.  Was not engaged when we got the reset to $2.39 again on President’s Day.

Sunday, February 26, 2016, 7:30PM:  There are two signs that we’ll see some gas price fireworks this week.  First, despite the jump last Monday, many stations in the Grand Rapids are have already given most of it back, while wholesale prices were flat last week.  Second, I find these future month quotes for RBOB worrisome, hinting at higher prices in March.  Either way, I would fill up on Monday if I could. -EA

Updated: February 26, 2017 — 7:17 pm


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  1. It would be nice if pump prices ONLY went up 20 cents/gallon(looking at the differences in RBOB).
    We all know ours will probably go up between 60-90 cents between now and Summer.

  2. Looking at last year’s increases leading up to Memorial Day, we’ll probably be at just over $3 bucks a gallon this year going into that holiday weekend. Hope I’m wrong.

    Interestingly, gas prices closest to my house have only dropped 2 cents from two spikes ago. Usually they’ll come down more, but for whatever reason they’ve been extremely slow to drop. I have much cheaper options about 8-10 miles away though

  3. I was able to fill up two cars for $1.99 last evening. Probably the last we’ll see that price in a long long long long time.

  4. Moving this morning (per Speedway’s spike) to $2.55 in Michigan, $2.39 in majority of Indiana. Haven’t seen anything yet for Ohio, but they usually join the party soon enough…

  5. Add Ohio to the list now… they’re going to $2.35

  6. South Bend IN up .30 to $2.39. I visited Coscto yesterday for $2.06.
    No spike in Niles MI just yet.

  7. $2.55 in Grand Rapids this afternoon!

  8. Looks like Lansing is going to $2.55. Awesome. I’m glad i was paying attention because I was able to use a 20 cent Kroger discount and fill up pretty much everything for $1.95.

  9. Ditto for east Ann Arbor according to GB although only one Speedway has made the jump. Filled up at $2.14 this a.m. Thanks, Ed!

  10. see yesterday the prices receded somewhat after mondays big jump
    scored a pre spike 2.05 on way home from a local independent that raises prices when they get a delivery not on the existing fuel in the tanks

    most places at 2.359 NW ohio rt 20 corridor but a few 2.299 in places already

  11. Maybe we’ll see gas prices ease a little into the weekend? Spot down to $1.4872 at lunchtime

  12. What is up with the gas prices in Allegan? Every station is $2.19 and has been for the past 3 days. Here in Otsego we are $2.27 and some stations in the surrounding area are $2.39 or higher!

  13. rapid fall in oil prices last few days seems to be reflecting in spot and pump prices today

    scored a 2.079 Mansfield ohio this morning but seeing close by a few 1.999 creeping in
    alas close by still seeing 2.299 so it pays to check prices

    Right now all steady going into next week..didsnt think would see sub $2.00 prices anytime in the next 6 months..but a chance in more areas going in to start of next week

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