Blame It On Ethanol

Comment on the January 30 prediction:  Pretty much correct, as pries rose the next day, but only to $2.29

Wednesday, February 8, 2016, 8:00PM:  Feels like we have backed into price-hike territory.  Wholesale prices haven’t done much lately, but ethanol has been climbing, while retail prices have fallen enough that I think we are about at the 0-cent margin price.  I’ll fill up Thursday morning for $2.19, and then expect prices to rise to $2.39. –EA

Updated: February 8, 2017 — 7:40 pm


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  1. And spot jumped 8 cents today….

  2. Sort of an interesting question (and could be completely wrong on this), but usually Speedway sets the price hikes… and isn’t it true most of the time that speedway gas doesn’t have the ethanol in it (have never seen the “may contain 10% ethanol” stickers on their pumps in most cases). Thoughts on why they’ve held below the spike line for longer than expected lately? Again, just a theory?

  3. In Ohio, it’s 10% ethanol.
    Also, Ohio is one of 12 states(as of 2011-probably more now) that don’t require them to notify customers of anything 10% or less.

  4. Ah, ok. In any case, moot point now this morning. Speedway currently pulling the trigger… $2.39 in Michigan, $2.19 in majority of Indiana (maybe $2.19 in Ohio? Haven’t been following their prices as closely)

  5. Yep, Speedway to $2.29 in South Bend IN. Average was $2.04. Some Speedways made it to $1.95 today.
    The 1 Niles MI Speedway went from $2.05 to $2.39.

  6. All gasoline sold at the pump, unless specifically labelled otherwise (E85, Rec Fuel, E15), contains 10% Ethanol. Labelling is not required for 10%, only for other than 10%.

  7. I filled up for $2.16 this morning and then saw them raise prices to $2.39. That’s how you win the Gas Game!

  8. $2.199 spike in Ohio today.
    Knew it was coming, after yesterday’s jump in spot. Topped off(5+ gallons) for $1.81 at Kroger (I’m out of Kroger points, or it would have been cheaper).

  9. Likewise, Ed. Followed your advice and filled at $2.15 Thursday a.m. in east Ann Arbor. That same station went to $2.29 a couple of hours later although GB says we’re spiking to $2.39 +/-.07. No sign of that as of Friday. Those that did spike are still at $2.29.

  10. Interesting read/slideshow of the rankings by state gas taxes, high to low.

  11. It’s been 7 days since the spike and most prices in east Ann Arbor have dropped from the high point, $2.29, down to $2.17-$2.18. Still have a dime to get back to the pre-spike lows. Not sure we’ll see that. Are we starting to see the start of the annual gradual climb?

  12. Wouldn’t know by the corn markets.

  13. The Northern parts of Cincinnati have dropped at least 20 cents since PIThursday. At a $2.09+ average I think we are okay for now but if spot inches up much more it may be a different story come Saturday.

  14. TimmP….maybe since an article was published saying gas prices will go up, they’ll actually go down LOL. We all know what happens when they put out a story on gas prices dropping.

    So a 90 cent increase, that will put us in the $3.15-$3.20 range leading into Memorial Day weekend. The 10 cent per gallon Indiana gas tax increase is also looming this summer as well. Hoping it wont pass and they come up with an alternative solution

  15. Indy up to 235?

  16. I saw a $2.15 in Anderson at a Big Red then an hour later it was $2.35. Is this the pre ramp up to the summer blend switch?

  17. South Bend IN $2.35 spike, time to visit Coscto or a few other stations for $2.03

  18. Yes, 2.35 spike in Indy area today

  19. Can someone tell me what has caused this recent hike? Before news of the house vote the Speedway by work was steady at $1.51 for almost two months, then jumped to $2.25 in a day. My car isn’t flex fuel, I converted it to e85 and I don’t have any Stations in Bloomington that offer it. Every day, twice a day sometimes, I update that station on GasBuddy because it gets changed back to $1.51. Is there any chance this is going to go back to normal? The tax increase still has to go through the Senate before it can go into effect.

  20. Grand Rapids Michigan up to $2.39/gal today

  21. looks like a “its a holiday” sluggish spike going on NW Ohio corridor

    seeing 1.95 in some places..2.299 already elsewhere

    today everythings topped off at the 1.999 weekend price so wont get caught out in the morning

  22. $2.25 spike in sw Ohio today.

  23. Some stations around Kazoo made the jump to 2.39 but some haven’t yet. Sure they will today.

  24. So here in CBUS area after $2.25 spike on 20th, many are down to $2.14 area already… What a joke.

  25. Down to $1.89 in Indianapolis yesterday, today it’s $2.29. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IT’S FOLLOWING 87s FLUCTUATIONS! ARE WE HAVING A CORN CRISIS??

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