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Comment on the February 29 prediction:  Pretty much CORRECT, as prices rose on Tuesday, but it was to $1.99.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 9:00PM:  Energy prices continue to recover from the historical collapse in 2015, and refineries are starting to work on the summer gas blend.  Result: St. Patrick is bringing a price hike on Thursday, as we jump over $2, to around $2.09.  Shamrock on you! –Ed A.

Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:25 pm


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  1. Some GREEDways and BP stations in Cincinnati have recapitulated the $1.999 spike of 6 days ago. One-by-one the UDF stations and surrounding stations are rising to $1.899.

  2. I am wondering if we dont see 2.199

    lot stations around here are around 1.85-1.89 – so 2.099 is not the ‘mandatoty’ 30c a gallon spike

    a few stations have been at 1.879 for 4 days in a row now

  3. … and there it goes! Going to $1.99 across majority of IN/Indy and Ohio, $2.09 in Michigan, $2.19 in Louisville per speedway. I’d be on alert if in NW Indiana/Chicagoland.

  4. South Bend IN Speedway spike $1.99 underway, up about .15.

  5. 2.09 in west michigan

  6. speedway gone to 1.999 Mansfield ohio..for gas buddy reporting 1.999 spike in area right now..so only a few cents for a lot of places

  7. Jrunner…
    No hike expected in Chicagoland. As is often the case we’re out of synch with the bigger Speedway markets. Speedway’s got a dime…or more…margin cushion above the hike level.

  8. Just a couple movements here and there in NW Ohio back to $1.999. I’m sure the full GREEDway spike will hit Toledo tomorrow.

  9. They tried a spike to 2.099 in Minneapolis/ St Paul today. Dropped back to pre spike price tonight. Been happening more and more here. Very few have been matching the Super America spike in this market, forcing them to drop it back down the same day. Fun to watch.

  10. And another new reason to raise prices

    The wall street people sure do have some good people thinking up the next thing they can use to raise the price of oil…

  11. We’ve had multiple spikes going on in Cincinnati this week. First an apparent BP and UDF led $1.899 spike starting sometime Tuesday evening. Then we had the GREEDway $1.999 spike on Thursday that even many of the GREEDway stations aren’t following.

    We had one UDF station in the Sharonville section of the Tri-State jump on Wednesday from $1.679 to $1.899. The surrounding stations including a GREEDway did not bite and remained $1.679. By Thursday afternoon the UDF station was back down to $1.679.

    The Cincinnati average topped out at $1.90 and change but looks like it is starting to descend.

  12. A lot of the UDFs never participated in the $1.999 Speedway spike LAST week. The ones near me were all still $1.699-$1.759 Saturday 3/12.

  13. GetGo decided to follow the party line in Carmel Indiana… Back to Costco I suppose…

  14. Gas went up 10 cents, held for a day then dropped right back to where it was. Love the failed spikes. I’m sure the next spike will carry us over the $2 dollar mark since we’re right on the line.

    I’ve always noticed most locations seem real hesitant to cross over from $x.99 to $x.00, but once the “line has been crossed” they can crank it up however they like.

  15. Last GREEDway spike in Toledo area seems to be easing a bit–most of the the stations around me are ~$1.939, including the closest GREEDway to me. The previous spike saw all the prices at $1.999 for a better part of last week.

  16. Annnnnd the news media is reporting “higher prices” of late.

    Methinks an excuse for GREEDway to print $$$$!!!

    $2.199 by end of the day.

    Place your bets…!

  17. Any thoughts as to what caused last week’s spike to not stick? The Kroger’s here never took the bait, and although some are still in the $1.90s, most are in the high $1.70s, low $1.80s. Puts us below the spike line…a few more cents down and it might be hard for Greedway and John Lassus to dust off the 2s. Not impossible in the alternate universe of the Midwest gas market, but we’ve seen 20% price spikes before, haven’t we?

  18. I received a Thornton’s text regarding prices heading up in Indianapolis.

  19. gas buddy is reporting another spike alert in Ohio to 1.999

    that makes a 4c spike for the station across the street..

    some areas in rt 20 corridor are around 1.83-1.89 so I guess that at least makes it worth going out and changing the numbers on the sign (luckily most stations dont have to do that anymore)

    case of “dont really justify a spike”..but its a ‘holiday’ weekend for some coming up so any increase is better than none….

  20. A few Speedways have made the jump to 1.999 in Cincy today. ONLY a few. Most are still in the upper 1.70s – low 1.80s.

    Oil is down 3% with oil inventories jumping 9 million barrels today.
    Not sure what spot is doing.

  21. You could tell this week the party line was followed quite closely. So back to 1.99 then little drop next week and we are into 2.09-2.19 category…

  22. South Bend IN also to $1.99

  23. Speedway at Michigan and Fuller went up to $1.99/gal from $1.91 this morning in Grand Rapids

  24. Thought for sure they’d crack the $2 dollar mark. Maybe next week??

  25. Chris, the Ann Arbor prices are all over the place from Costco/Sam’s @ $1.81 to around 15 stations at $1.85 and another dozen at $1.99. Last week they were all at $1.99 and seemed hesitant to break the $2.00 mark.
    Meijer yesterday started at $1.93, dropped to $1.89 mid-afternoon and went up to $1.99 overnight. AA average, according to Gas Buddy, is $1.97 and statewide it’s $1.98, both a few cents below the national average. Gotta love the 6% sales tax we pay in MI.

  26. The Cincinnati average stands a chance to crack the $2.00 average today or tomorrow. $1.99 GREEDway spike happened yesterday but BP had already anted up to $2.05 the day before. That has pushed the average up to $1.97 this morning and we still have a significant amount of straggler stations to spike yet.

  27. I think things have generally calmed down for the moment, other than the every week spikes back to $1.99. I’ve noticed in the past that so long as there aren’t any unexpected refinery outages, it’s almost as if speedway won’t push the envelope to try to pressure the smaller stations since they’re locked in anyways (not running off the spot market). $1.99 across most of Indy, but managed to snag $1.73 at kroger still mid afternoon yesterday.

  28. just scored 1.82.9 at a BP station on way home..plus 10c gallon left on BP rewards card. 17 gallons at 1.729….dont think will see that price again for at least 6 months…

  29. GREEDway waited until after the evening rush–just at the right time to fleece the folks getting a start this evening on Spring Break. $1.999 all over Toledo.

  30. Speedway at michigan and fuller down to $1.91 this morning now down to $1.85

  31. Yet another uptick conditioning article…

  32. Turbo, “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

  33. Spot at $1.29, Ohio avg $1.91, 62-cent spread. We know a spike should be coming in the next few days. Question is: will this be the one that pushes regular unleaded to $2.099 in Ohio.
    Speedway can’t resist the $2 mark forever.

  34. right on the spike line..1.879 going rate rt 20 ohio corridor

    time to fill on the way in tomorrow – Dodged the plus 2.00 last 2 weekly spikes. No way this time

    Hello 2.099 tomorrow..thought the .32c spike normality should put it to 2.199

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