Keeping That Tank Full (in Michigan)

Comment on the August 14 prediction: We saw a reset to $3.99 in Indiana, and similar moves in other Midwestern states. But, Michigan, where I live and score these predictions, somehow we avoided the hike. So, the prediction was WRONG.

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 4PM: I’m not sure what to say. Wholesale markets were stable last week, justifying a hike to $3.99 here in Michigan. Not that I’m asking for it, but that’s what is happening in the background. I’m keeping my tank close to full, buying gas in places like Alpine Avenue, for $3.68 a gallon. I will be surprised if this all looks the same next Sunday. -EA

Updated: August 21, 2022 — 4:13 pm


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  1. Some locations in Northern Michigan quietly moved up to 3.69 yesterday from the 3.45-3.55 they were at.

  2. Dropping in Indiana. $3.69 in Anderson per Gasbuddy.Evansville $3.37

  3. Prices are still all over the place. Speedway’s reset to $3.699 in Ohio was laughable, as the average price was 25 cents ABOVE that, to begin with.

  4. Whiting refinery is down and spot prices spiked today. I have a little trouble deciphering the DTN news feed. I THINK it was a 16c rise CBOB. Worse to come if the outage lasts?

  5. Whiting down? I’m shocked. Shocked I say! /sarc

  6. According to Gasbuddy it may restart as soon as this weekend. 🙂 Spot was up 35c or so the last 2-3 days. Yet pump prices near me continue to drop. Thorntons (2 of them) near me dropped to $3.89 from $4.15 and $4.05 yesterday competing with themselves. Odd..

  7. Gov. Whitmer declares energy emergency following BP refinery fire
    LANSING, Mich. – Saturday, Gov. Whitmer took action after a fire caused BP’s Whiting, Indiana oil refinery to temporarily go offline.

  8. CBOB up 30 cents as of Saturday morning.

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