Basking in Those December Lows

Comment on the November 25 prediction: WRONG, as we enjoyed good prices throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Sunday, December 15, 2019., 9AM: Historically, December has been the chosen month for gas prices to bottom out before they start their January-May climb, and it looks like we are following the pattern this year. Wonderful day to fill up in Wyoming, MI, with prices at $2.18, as there are hints in the trading markets that a price hike is coming. Oil closed Friday over $60 a barrel, and other than a blip in September, we haven’t seen that since July. So, I’d keep the tank full, expecting a reset in the Monday-Wednesday time frame. -EA

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 9:13 am


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  1. Snow not stopping a spike in Indy to $2.559.

  2. Not this year.

  3. South Bend IN – spike to $2.55 here today. SBN avg was $2.38

  4. $2.759 in Ohio. I foresee ANOTHER epic fail on this spike attempt.

  5. Michigan got 249 today
    I was guessing they were going to go higher

  6. Oil is running about $15 dollars a barrel higher now as compared to one year ago today. I’m thinking with the price run up leading into February & March we’ll see $3+ dollar a gallon gas at some point in early spring. Sure hope I’m wrong.

    WTI crude closed on December 31st of last year at $45.41 a barrel

  7. Speedway’s playing games again in this market, as they did Thanksgiving week. By the numbers I use we’ve been way deep in hike is due territory for several days and the chain is losing money in IL. Not sure what’s going on. Playing chicken with Circle K?

  8. Absent the discipline of Speedway price hike, an old fashioned gas war has broken out in one southwest suburban Chicago area with prices down to $1.90 at this time.Losing 50-60 cents a gallon. Circkle K seems to be the culprit

  9. Better late than never (NOT)? Speedway going to $2.75/2.85 early this morning in Chicagoland.

  10. South Bend IN – Speedway spike to $2.59 here tonight. SBN avg was $2.40.
    Costco the lowest at $2.27.

    Niles MI just to the north is also going to $2.59. Niles WMT 2.37

  11. There’s a lot of zone pricing here in Columbus Ohio but because of the new gas tax last summer and more compliant / complacent gas station operators prices are higher than in Indiana by quite a bit. I filled up last night for 2.39 now it’s a lot higher.

    I suspect we’ll hit sustained 3.00 by Easter easily, with crude going up, cuts in production…

  12. Eastbound through northern Ohio on Thursday, gas in the 2.20s. Westbound on Friday, 2.60s. Still 2.40s in NE Indiana though….for now…

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