Pass the turkey, the gravy, and the price hike

Comment on the November 17 prediction: CORRECT on timing, close on price, as we saw a hike to $2.59.

Monday, November 25, 2019, 7:30PM: Wholesale prices jumped a bit last week, while retail prices did their usual gentle slide, and we are back in price hike territory, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Looks like we go back to $2.59 again on Tuesday or Wednesday. -EA

Updated: November 25, 2019 — 7:13 pm


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  1. based on the Ohio spike line price several places in NE area touching 2.299 last night, but plenty still around 2.45-2.50
    2.599 looks like coming today I suspect….

  2. Was expecting a hike today in Chicagoland; the numbers supported it. Of course it could still happen, after dark today like the last one. OTOH…I don’t ever recall a hike the immediate day before Thanksgiving, at least in this market. Bad optics.

  3. 2.59 spike in NW Indiana led by Family Express. Evening Tuesday increase

  4. With canadian crude selling at around a $19 a barrel discount to Texas, you’d think our prices would be coming down…someone is making a pretty good penny here.

  5. Yes, I’m curious when our slow declining prices to a Christmas low will start this year. Or if we head into a July high pricing without a Christmas low. It makes me wonder.

  6. Hope everyone enjoyed Speedway observing the Thanksgiving holiday. Expecting $2.85 in Chicagoland tomorrow which would be a 40c or so hike on average.

  7. Black Friday Sale by Speedway?

  8. Indy area spiking to $2.659.

  9. Second hike in a row that waited until evening (after 630-700) in Chicagoland. With spot down a dime today we appear to have ended up at a lower hike price than if had happened this morning. We’re much closer to Indiana and Michigan than we should be.

  10. Looks like a similar occurrence in east Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Jim. Prices rose to $2.65.

  11. They’re trying here….at least some of them are. 2.65 in parts, still 2.35-2.37 at a majority of stations. Haven’t seen a Speedway or a Lassus jump up yet. Much to my surprise.

  12. Back from $2.79 to $2.39 and $2.32 at the two Speedways nearest me.

  13. $2.759 in Ohio, for no reason.

  14. Looks like this hike occurred overnight in Chicagoland…$2.79/2.89 as day breaks

  15. Oh, there’s a reason Chris. Merry Christmas to them.

  16. Marathon and BP giving a weekend mini spike a shot here. $2.49, which is “only” 13-15 cents. So far, no one else has followed, much like Marathon’s attempt last week.

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