Michigan Has Had It Good This Week

Comment on the October 27 prediction: There were hikes around the Midwest, but not in Michigan, so we have to say WRONG.

Sunday, November 3, 2019, 8:30AM: Prices have been nice and low here in Michigan. Although a week ago, it looked like we were in price-hike territory, it appears that wholesale prices dropped considerably through Thursday, until there was a sharp rebound on Friday that corresponded to a $2 jump in the price of a barrel of oil. So, with prices as low as $2.12 in Wyoming, Michigan, we’ve got to be seeing a reset on Monday or Tuesday, somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.59. Time to top the tank! -EA

Updated: November 3, 2019 — 8:24 am


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  1. CORRECT! Hope you got gas for under $2.20.

  2. South Bend IN – $2.59 spike underway. Had a $2.55 spike last Monday.
    SBN avg $2.43. Costco $2.24. ND Speedway was 2.37 this morning.

  3. Thanks, Ed! Filled up at $2.11 this morning. Speedways are leading the charge to $2.69 in east Ann Arbor/west Ypsilanti.

  4. South Bend IN – Spike to $2.59. Last Monday went to $2.55. Speedway by ND was $2.37 this morning. SBN avg $2.44. Filled up at Costco for $2.24, the area low.

    Niles MI also $2.59. Niles WMT $2.37 for now.

  5. 2.75/2.85 in Chicagoland, although for a few stations where this would have represented a 50c or greater hike Speedway came in a little lower.

  6. 2.59 is the new price in Indy.

  7. $2.699 in sw Ohio. This will fail too, like the others. Looking forward to paying 30-40 cents less by the weekend, again.

  8. Didn’t have to wait. Paid $2.269 at Kroger this morning. You’d think they’d learn….

  9. Going to $2.799/2.899 in Chicagoland. Issues at Wood River refinery reported yesterday,

  10. South Bend IN – Spike to $2.59 again. Speedway by ND was $2.41.
    Costco $2.24. SBN avg $2.41.

  11. $2.759 in Ohio. Why?
    Oh well, I’ll be getting it for under $2.40 by Sunday anyway….

  12. It spiked to $2.499 in the Toledo area this past Tuesday or Wednesday, IIRC, and it’s holding for now.

  13. And 4 days after a $2.79 hike some stations near me are down to $2.29. a dime lower than before the hike. Yet wholesale costs are actually up a couple cents. Probably heading for another try by Speedway this week unless wholesale declines.

  14. Even better than I predicted. Paid $2.279 last night.

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