Easter Candy Today; Fill Up Tomorrow

Sunday, April 20, 2019, 8AM: They gave us a break this Easter weekend, but we have the 0-margin price in the neighborhood of $2.75, and retail prices continue to drop. You can find gas below $2.60 in several areas of west Michigan. Expect a price hike on Monday or Tuesday, back to $2.95 or $2.99.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering how information about gas prices is shared to retailers, follow this link to PricePro.  -EA

Updated: April 21, 2019 — 8:19 am


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  1. Prices rising to $2.95 east of Ann Arbor, right on cue, led by a host of the usual suspects. I filled up at $2.61 this a.m. Thanks, Ed!

  2. And with crude oil moving up today I’d say this week will be the last of sub $3 dollar a gallon gas for awhile

  3. Was at a dog show in Bowling Green, OH, this past weekend with a close friend, an OH native. She said their gas tax is going up .11 soon. Said it could’ve been .18 but the Legislature lowered it a bit from the Gov’s request.

  4. Indy spiking to $2.999

  5. South Bend IN going to $2.99 also. It was 2.83 by ND this morning. Costco $2.69.
    Niles MI also going to $2.99, Walmart $2.79.

  6. $3.19/3.29 around Chicagoland.

  7. any updates? Monday spikes seem to be a thing of late

  8. I know Indiana has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, but on my drive across Ohio and back to Fort Wayne, could someone explain the 50cent difference in price between central Ohio and northeast Indiana?

  9. Mike - Kalamazoo

    Greedway jumping to 2.99 in Kazoo area today. Guess we should feel lucky they have kept it under 3.00.

  10. 2.899 NW Ohio area- just as spot prices fall Speedway pushes the margin to 40c plus. Mind you hikes haven’t been sticking lately- close by still 2.599 this morning. If that stays expect Speedway to crumble…

  11. $2.899 in sw Ohio too. Spikes have been failing miserably here. Last four or five, after two days, I’ve been able to get gas at pretty close to the pre-spike price. Filled up or $2.449 this morning at Shell. Greedway across the street was $2.899.

  12. back down to 2.75 or so in the areas that spiked

  13. Still able to fill up for 40+ cents below the spike price, as of this morning

  14. Indy now spiking to $2.999

  15. South Bend IN going to $2.99 also. It was 2.85 by ND this morning. Costco $2.63.
    SBN avg was 2.798.
    Niles MI also going to $2.99, Walmart up to $2.96.

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