Typical Fall Slide in Prices

Comment on the October 17 posting: Prices continued to fall until October 23, when there was a mild reset to $2.85. Basically CORRECT.

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 4:00PM: In more than decade of following gas prices, more often than not we’ve seen prices slide from August until December. This year appears to be following the script, with prices solidly below $3 this month. Every time there is a different reason, and this time it is the general weakness in stock and energy markets since mid-September, for which there are a variety of theories. The good news for us is that wholesale prices are in the $2.50’s and retail prices are in the $2.70’s, so no rush to fill up. -EA

Updated: October 28, 2018 — 4:22 pm


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  1. thinks parts of ohio its time for a reset..a few 2.45-2.50 around this morning..so 2.699 seems likely sooner than later

  2. SE MI:
    For some reason the local Meijer has spiked from $2.66 to $2.81. None of the others stations have moved on their prices including the Speedway and Kroger just down the street. They are still at $2.66.

  3. Well, that didn’t last long! Meijer pulled back to the rest of the pack, $2.66 again.

  4. Hmmm…Chicago spot is back to 10cents over New York again….

  5. Was there a price spike in Indy that didn’t occur elsewhere? A enrage price is showing nearly a quarter higher in Indy than around the state.

  6. I don’t notice anything going higher in South Bend.
    SBN avg 2.574, Costco 2.41, Speedway by ND went a bit lower last night to 2.53.

  7. Gas Buddy shows prices increases for a bit about an hour ago but now the arrow is green and going down. avg is still $2.52 but there are a few $2.89 and $2.99 that were not there this morning. Hoping it holds out until tomorrow since I’m on the wrong side of town to score good gas prices right now!

  8. CBOB back to 3.5 cents BELOW NYMEX futures

  9. Odd but a handful of Speedways near me went up 15-20 cents last evening to $2.58-2.65. A weekend hike with moderate margins and almost a nickel drop in spot Friday seems quite odd.

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