Falling Away From $3

Comment on the October 7 posting: CORRECT, as prices have been falling for two weeks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 7:30PM: Although our data feeds have been less reliable lately, what is clear is that energy prices are falling a bit, and today oil prices dropped below $70. Wholesale gas prices have taken a hit, and we are down to $2.62 on Alpine Avenue. What is puzzling is that prices on Lake Michigan Drive, which is my main focus, are the highest in the region. So, don’t buy gas there if you can help it. Going forward, it is difficult to make the case for a price hike on Thursday. I think we don’t have to worry about a quick fillup until next week. -EA

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 7:32 pm


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  1. after a month of falling prices many areas in NW Ohio rt 20 corridor now at or below spike seen prices as low as 2.449 and high as 2.699
    . would guess at a 2.759 reset in next few days

    we are for sure on winter blend now..falling fuel economy and the fiat 500 popped on its check engine light in protest at the first tank of winter blend last week (its spoilt !!)

  2. Several Big Red stations in East Central Indiana cranking it up to $2.79. Oil is down over $3 bucks today so this upward trend should be short lived

  3. 2.7599 in ohio..as above..it will prob be down 10c by the weekend..if all stations actually participate..speedway started it ..as is often the case

  4. SE MI hike to $2.85 this afternoon.

  5. South Bend IN spiked to 2.79 yesterday. Speedway by ND was down to 2.54.

  6. 8 cent drop in Chicago spot Wednesday. We get a 40 cent spike ($2.799) at the pump in SW Ohio on Thursday, of course.

  7. Spot dropped 7 cents Tuesday, then rose 1.35 cents Wednesday but fell another 4+ cents today according to the reports from DTN (Tuesday and Wednesday arrived delayed). Still, we’re in the normal fall pattern of Great Lakes falling relative to the rest of the country. In Chicago we had a $3.09 hike on Oct 1 and $2.85 on Oct 22. At some stations near me that was still a 50 cent jump on Tuesday.

  8. well,,that didn’t last long..the speedway that led the spike in NW Ohio went from 2.559-2.759 Tuesday. 2 days later its back at 2.529 3 cents below where it all started !
    hardly anyone else joined in…..

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