About that $3 Prediction

Comment on the January 21 prediction: CORRECT, as prices reset on January 23.

Sunday, February 11, 2018, 8:30AM: Whatever lightswitch that affected stocks the weekend of January 27-28 did the same in the energy markets. Oil has come down from $66 to $59 per barrel that past two weeks, and wholesale gas prices have started to follow, putting my $3-a-gallon-in-2018 prediction in jeopardy. That’s OK. You can already see this playing out in the Grand Rapids area, where prices have dropped in certain areas, as low as $2.39 in Comstock Park. But still in the $2.60’s in Standale. Your strategy this week is to not pay more than $2.49 in west Michigan. A hike this week would be a surprise. – EA

Updated: February 11, 2018 — 8:17 am


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  1. NW ohio RT 20 corridor prices between 2.35 and 2.49 so pays to shop around..good 15-25c margin still so it things remain steady a quiet week of gently drifting down prices..maybe

  2. Not that price of crude has much to do with price at the pump anymore…

    It does look like spikes are easing a bit from years past in terms of both intensity and frequency. Yet zone pricing really plays games now so one really needs to plan.

    Perhaps Speedway et al are taking a break from the action?

  3. Is there a gas war in Eaton rapids mi? Wish I was closer they are posting 2.00/gal at 3 stations

  4. One only has to look at the gas heat map to realize that 20 or 30 or 35 cents a gallon local swings are real. Nothing funny about that.

    But let’s hope there’s some resolve left in Big Red. Crude prices have retreated nicely last few days, inventories are building, so what better time to lock in the gains.

  5. Surprise! Hike in Indianapolis to $2.599. We’ll see if it sticks.

  6. South Bend IN – Speedway spike to $2.59.
    Speedway by ND was $2.20 yesterday & tied Costco at $2.17 today
    SBN avg was $2.367

  7. I feel like lately the spikes have come at 15 to 29¢ over zero margin. It used to be in my area, Fort Wayne, that prices would be 5 to 8¢ before a spike would hit. It’s like POOF we pay more.

  8. Agree with Ren

  9. Agree with Turbo46032

  10. After several recent hikes that cut the bottom off the price cycle, Speedway now has been solidly in more traditional hike territory vs wholesale prices for several days without doing anything in the Chicago market. I don’t understand.

  11. There seems to be more restrain in actually spiking prices, but at the same time as noted the margins seem higher. And zone price variations are alive and well.

    Whether intentional or just happenstance remains to be seen.

    Another factor could be the popularity of “membership” stations that offer 7-9c a gallon discount. Just guessing.

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