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Sunday, January 21, 2018, 2:00PM: This looks like a good week to play the Gas Game. Since prices rose to $2.79 on the 10th, they have been creeping lower in western Michigan, and a typical price right now is about $2.60. Meanwhile, wholesale prices have been moving slightly higher, although they dropped on Friday. That puts the 0-cent margin price at 12 cents in my calculations, and the past few months, 7 cents was the trigger for a hike. So, I predict a price reset this week (looks like $2.79 or higher), but it isn’t clear when. Probably not Monday, though. We will have to play the Game and be prepared to act if we see Big Red moving prices up.

In other news, I was in Lowell last night and saw the Admiral stations are now co-branded with Marathon. Seeing how Admiral has been a key player in bringing prices down after hikes, this is probably not good news for Gas Gamers. -EA

Updated: January 21, 2018 — 2:00 pm


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  1. Admiral @ Clyde park & 36th is co-branded too

  2. Next Door/Village Pantry stores as well as Admirals and Lemmen Shells were acquired by GPM in 2016.

  3. Just got a Meijer alert in MI?!?!

  4. Got the Meijer alert as well but Speedway has yet to jump in West Michigan.

  5. South Bend IN – Speedway going to $2.69. They made it down to about $2.45.
    Costco $2.38 still

  6. Another one that said this

    There was a Meijer gas text alert that was sent out inadvertently. Disregard the previous text alert. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.

  7. Just filled up for $2.25 in Fort Wayne. Glad I was able to.

  8. oh oh 2.559 spike NW ohio corridor..most places its less than 20c. scored a 2.299 on way home. Is it me or the spikes getting smaller..it frequently used to be 35-40c each time ..recent history is 20-25c

  9. scala100…here the spikes are small. Because they have cut off the low end of the price cycle.

  10. I filled up two cars in Fort Wayne at 10¢ below wholesale.

  11. NW ohio corridor update. .treading even with the spike line..2.43 line 2.429 at the local marathon
    Thanks Jim..have noticed spike occurs closer to the line rather than 10-15c below it. Have also noticed that when used get a spike every station in a 30 mile radius changed pieces within a couple hours..now its much easier it seems to score a pre spike price even a day after the gas buddy alerts

  12. South Bend IN – Speedway going to $2.69. They made it down to about $2.52.
    Costco $2.32

  13. GB Spike Alert for the Ann Arbor area. Prices going to $2.79 +/- .10. Several stations, Big Red, Meijer, Kroger all made the move to $2.69 around Midnight. Multiple stations still priced in the low to mid $2.30’s.

  14. By midafternoon there were a dozen stations at $2.69. Several hours later most are down to $2.54 or so.

  15. Lassus Bros. sent an email about how if you have their discount card, the card price won’t spike until the end of the business day. The card price used to stay down for about 24 hours after a spike. Could explain why they’ve been spiking in the late evening all of a sudden…

  16. a Saturday spike in NW ohio area to 2.559..nice !!!not seen one of those for a long long time

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