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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Craig.

  2. Gas is going up to $2.49/gal today I need Michigan

  3. Big Red leading the charge to $2.39 in Anderson Indiana…up about 20-24 cents

  4. South bend IN going to $2.39 was about 2.19

  5. Lassus Brothers in Fort Wayne rings the bell first at $2.39.

  6. Yes, Lassus Handy Dandy can be an “Early Warning System”. Especially when the spike may not exactly be required just yet.

  7. Low gas prices on the news this morning in Toledo–can only mean one thing!

    Hang on to your wallets!

  8. Gleaned this from a MSN Money article this morning:

    “Drivers in the Great Lakes are still coping with the most volatile market. Two weeks ago, the area saw steep declines in gas prices, though that’s reversing course this week. Michigan gas prices last week dropped 8 cents per gallon, but erased half of that overnight. That comes even as regional gasoline stockpiles are higher than last year.

    Analysis emailed to UPI from price-tracker GasBuddy said that, because of the regional volatility, the Great Lakes states are usually the first to respond to movements in crude oil prices. Last week, oil prices gained 5 percent and that spike is starting to show up at the pump.”

  9. Just got back from South Carolina. How is it that gas down there is about 50¢ a gallon cheaper than here? Must be that new tax Indiana just passed.

  10. and Ohio finally joins the party

    2.299 starting to spread NW Rt 20 corridor

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cincinnati escalates to $2.35. Seeing that price from some of the UDFs. For some reason Cincinnati stations have exceeded past the Gas Buddy spike price even though Summer blend gas is a thing of the past.

  12. South Carolina passed a 12 cent per gallon gas tax hike but they have it phased in over 6 years at 2 cents per year. Indiana (like the lovely Greedway spikes) said heck with that and raised it a dime all at once.

    Fortunately some places that spiked in Indiana to $2.39 have already backed down to $2.32.

  13. Shell went to $2.359 in sw Ohio as well. I guess they didn’t get the RVP memo….
    No special blend in sw Ohio. We now use the same, state-wide.

  14. Was that the reason Cincinnati was always higher than most other areas Chris?

    Crude keeps creeping towards $50 and spot is up a nickel today. Hope they don’t tinker with 2.59 next week

  15. Yep, Cincy and Dayton had a different formulation requirement, due to a bad air quality reading like THIRTY years ago. That was dropped this year. Stations never got the memo though. We’re still higher than the rest of the state.

  16. Cincinnati had bad air quality in 1983. That year we had one of the longest running heat waves I could ever remember. From that point we had vehicle inspection stations to monitor the vehicles air quality for a while. When that turned out to be a money loser for all involved, not to mention a pain in the arse, the stations closed and we got the special “Summer” blend gas for several years; all because of one unusually hot Summer full of bad air.

    I do hope our gas stations get the memo soon.

  17. Most of Toledo hiked to $2.299 Wednesday, but several stations (including some GREEDways) still at $1.999! Fill up while you can!

  18. In the eastern Ann Arbor area it appears that most of the stations have backed off the .30+ increase of earlier in the week and settled in at least .20 lower. Given the drop in Spot yesterday we may see it continue to trend downward.

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