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Comment on the October 17 prediction:  We saw a lame hike on Monday, October 24, so basically, I was WRONG.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 7:00PM:  I haven’t been posting much lately, because gas prices have been incredibly stable.  The stock market has been quiet, and the oil market, and when you get down to it, the median Clinton-Trump polling data.  I think this is all about the change.  Stocks are showing more volatility since Comey Friday, and there are signs of extreme fear in the stock market.  It reminds me of the month before the 2004 election, as the market worked through pre-election confusion for months and then took off the final 2+ months of the year.  I predict a similar track this year, with oil joining in, and hence higher gas prices.  Short-term, with retail prices near or below the 0-cent margin price, I’d fill up on Wednesday for $1.99 when you can find it (south of downtown near US-131 works), and prepare for a hike by the end of the week. -Ed A.

Updated: November 1, 2016 — 7:16 pm


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  1. A couple of Speedways are up to 2.25 on the north side of GR as of noon today

  2. Spot down nearly 5 cents at mid-day. Of course Big Red drives the ship and can do whatever they want seemingly. Any spike should be short lived

  3. And just got Spike alert from Gas Buddy for Columbus…. Thanks Greedway…

  4. South Bend IN – Spike to $2.19 underway. SBN avg 2.06. Time to visit Costco for $1.92

  5. Sw Ohio going to $2.199. Can’t imagine this spike will stick any better than last week’s.
    Filled up for $1.859 this morning.

  6. West Michigan up too 2.25 this afternoon

  7. 2.199 NW ohio corridor so stations went up between 5-20c depending
    major trend with this spike was the speed it spread – for a long time now round here after seeing the gasbuddy alert around 11.00am on ‘spike day’ could always score the prespike price somewhere later in the day – even often the following morning

    with this one all 11 stations I pass between work and home were at 2.199 by 4.00pm

    with spot below 1.30 last night the margin is up around 30c so cant see it holding too steadfast

  8. As of 7am, most of the non-Speedway stations are not giving in to the spike.
    Still plenty of 1.869-1.899 on my way in to work.
    Of course, that can change, and probably will. Last week’s spike took two full days before the non-Speedway stations spiked(the few that even did, at least).

  9. Nice to see the local chain around here(UDF) giving Speedway the finger again, at least for now.
    Topped off again (5 gallons) on the way in, for $1.859.

  10. already back down 8c to 2.119 in places here- some stations that were around 2.15 still before the spike didnt go up at all..prob not worth changing the price up by 4c

  11. Found one station that did not spike last time and did not spike this time either…been holding at $1.89 for quite some time. With spot at $1.22 we should be safe for awhile

  12. Topped off again this morning, at UDF, for $1.859. Poor, poor Speedway.

  13. Wow, someone is padding their profits… spot below 1.20 and prices is Kazoo area till in the 2.05 – 2.15 range…

  14. drifted back down NW ohio corridor to 1.999 in places last night..but still seeing 2.09-2.15 which is a healthy 30c margin still in places. plenty of choice to fill up..and plenty places to avoid…..

  15. $1.759 in Fairfield, OH today.

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