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  1. Great post on Prop. 1 Ed. Still not sure where I stand on this. Your points are well taken.

    I did watch a very interesting documentary this week on Netflix called “Pump”. (www.pumpthemovie.com). It goes through the history of fuel in America and where we are today. I realize all documentaries have an agenda, but the possibility of what alternative fuels could do in our country is exciting.

    The problem is we continue to look to oil as the only solution to our fuel needs. We need government leaders who are willing to say no at times to big oil, and like Brazil, say yes to cleaner and cheaper solutions. And us, the voters and consumers, need to step up and demand change otherwise it won’t happen. How alternatives would affect our roads I am not sure. I am just not convinced that Prop 1 is the right road, literally, to fix the problem for the long term.

  2. Looks like the second leg of 2.69 hike is happening here in Grand Rapids.

  3. It was touted as a road repair proposal when in fact it was much more than that. If you want to fix the roads (and I believe most of us do), then come up with a proposal that does that at a reasonable cost to the tax payers. Don’t load it up with all of the other stuff and because road funding is a part of it, expect us to vote for it.

  4. So, I don’t know for sure where we stand. I had to have gas yesterday, so I went ahead and filled up for $2.51. It is nice that for the most part, the asking price of Fort Wayne is below the US average asking price.

  5. Looks like Michigan is getting bumped up to $2.69 due to Speedway price cycling. As of 10:45 AM, still haven’t seen any rises in the Indy/Indiana market (generally everything outside of NW Indiana and Clark/Floyd County bordering Louisville). Guessing that unless a significant drop in wholesale/spot, Indiana is probably only a day or two away from our own price cycle rise back up as well.

  6. Tuesday spike to $2.69 @ Niles MI Speedway. Also a few stations in South Bend IN to $2.65-$2.69. Fill up for $2.40s now.

  7. Ohio spiked to $2.69 but GREEDway waited until this afternoon.

  8. BTW, this may be election year politics (in Kentucky) but their attorney general is doing this. Hope it works.


  9. Marathon HAS been found guilty of price fixing before. Back in 2008, i believe.

  10. It’s probably a good time to fill up in Indiana.

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