At the Root of Price Hikes

Comment on the April 12 posting:  We did get a hike, but not until that Tuesday.  Then another hike on April 21.  Prices have been falling since then.

Monday, April 27, 2015, 9:00PM:  Oil prices have been gradually rising this month. (And you have heard the radio commercials lately trying to entice you to invest in oil with Wayne Allyn Root?  I’m wary of any investment being advertised on ESPN Radio.)  NYMEX prices are back to $2 a gallon for the first time since Thanksgiving.  With retail prices doing their usual weekend slide, we have moved into price hike territory again.  Looks like $2.69 is very possible on Tuesday or Wednesday. — Ed A.

Updated: April 27, 2015 — 8:56 pm


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  1. Looks like you nailed the timing… Thank goodness only a rise to $2.59. Happening now in Indy/most of indiana and Michigan.

  2. South Bend, IN – Speedway taking it to $2.59 again.
    Fill up for $2.30s-$2.40s while you can. 1 day later this week than the prev. 3 weeks.

    No movement in Niles MI just yet.

  3. NW Indiana spiking to 2.79 and La Porte County spiking to 2.59. Being led by Family Express

  4. Thank goodness for Pilot truck stops! The Speedway next door to them between Anderson and Muncie ALWAYS goes for the gusto with a huge spike. Speedway went to $2.59 and the Pilots (there’s two of them) countered with $2.49, so it was only a 14 cent increase. As usual, in a few hours Speedway will back it down a notch to match the Pilots.

    That’s about the only good thing we got going for us. At least the prices back home are not what they are here in Lansing Illinois where I’m currently working…$2.94

  5. Unusual Sunday spike to $2.59 in some Toledo Zones, although there are some low spots ($2.19s) and some Zones like “moneyed” Perrysburg where they haven’t shot up at some stations yet–the Kroger is ahead of Greedway on that!

  6. Cincy spiking to $2.599.

  7. The Lansing/Mid-Michigan area seems to have jumped again to 2.69 sometime this weekend.

  8. Ohio was very strange over the weekend. I expected us to spike Friday on the heels of Michigan and Indiana last week. No spike. Then Saturday, some areas in OH went up to $2.59 – stations up around Akron and some in Columbus area. Now, the rest of the state seems to be catching up with a jump to $2.59. As I understand it, a number of the Get n Go’s lead the way up in the Akron area.

  9. We’re up to $2.69 in Indy which is weird since we never really dropped. Even more odd the east side which tends to run 20 cents cheaper than NW Indy is about the same or more before the spike!

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