That’s Good! That’s Bad!

Sunday, March 24, 2024, 2 PM: When I was a kid, I had a book called That’s Good, That’s Bad. Let’s do that with gas prices here in the Midwest.

No price resets last week was good. Seeing prices notably higher in Michigan and Illinois versus the rest of the old school Big Ten states is bad.


Source:  GasBuddy

That the Whiting refinery in Indiana is back to normal operations is good. That attacks on refineries are occurring in the Ukraine war is bad, even though Ukraine is half a world away, as this article explains.

It is good that you can get gas in west Michigan for $3.29 in Kentwood. It is bad that prices are as high as $3.73 this afternoon in Allendale. (Remember when Allendale had price competition?)

The 0-cent margin price is somewhere between $3.29 and $3.39, and that is good. But oil has ticked up to $80 a barrel, which will keep gas prices above $3 a gallon. Bad.

So, the plan for the week? Keep looking for prices below $3.59. (Good.) There is a decent chance they’ll try to take it back to $3.75 – $3.79 later in the week. (Bad.) -EA

Updated: March 24, 2024 — 2:34 pm


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  1. $3.69 price hike in central Indiana led by GetGo chain wide per GasBuddy

  2. Other stations didn’t pile on GetGo’s price increase and has since receded. Left a permanent reputation in my mind about GetGo nonetheless. A few Marathon stations followed but most didn’t go up. Yet.

  3. South Bend IN – Late last week some Marathon & Phillips 66 tried $3.69 here but nobody else followed so they have come back down. Costco $3.25.

    Niles MI – Just a few miles N in Niles MI most went to 3.69 or just a bit lower in the 3.60’s.
    Niles MI WMT is back down to $3.43 but the others are $3.59-$3.69 still.

  4. South Bend IN – $peedway x2 by ND up $0.40 today to $3.79.
    SBN avg 3.381. Costco $3.22

  5. $3.599 starting in Toledo. Probably pre-eclipse gouging.

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