Going Into June, No Relief in Sight

Comment on the May 24 prediction: CORRECT, as prices didn’t do much of anything last week, other than a small price war on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids.

Monday, May 30, 2022, Noon: Oil prices moved up a few dollars at the end of last week, which I view as one of those near-holiday moves with many traders already on vacation, so it is unclear if that move will translate to a price hike this week, but NYMEX prices rose a bit, too. This is certainly not an environment that would drive gas prices lower, although there are hints of “demand destruction”, meaning fewer customers stopping by to fill up.

Advice of the week: See if you can fill the tank for under $4.49. Don’t be surprised if there is a small hike ($4.69?), but most likely prices don’t move much this week, similar to last week.

Updated: May 30, 2022 — 11:56 am


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  1. It’s been 4.79 at 127 & 55 in Houghton Lake all weekend and some locations farther South are 4.69 – 4.79. Rack prices went up 17+ cents on Friday and in some locations rack price is over $4. Some stations have been creeping up a few pennies at a time, but current prices are not sustainable without a big drop in cost. I expect 4.79 no later than tomorrow and 4.99 is possible by the weekend if Crude goes over $120 bbl.

  2. At what point does this become 2008 all over again? Guess as soon as the housing bubble bursts.

  3. $5.39 in NW Indiana led by Family Express

  4. $4.899 in Indy led by Speedway

  5. $4.799 in Ohio. Wonder if the sw corner will get our special, higher pricing ($4.859).

  6. $4.799 in Toledo.

    If people aren’t already having to choose between gassing-up the car to go to work, or food on the table, they soon will!

  7. Winner Winner! $ 5.55 and 5.65 in Chicagoland 🙁

  8. Wow. $4.99 in Michigan. I never thought I would see that.

  9. I saw $5.15 on I69 at the SR18 exit east of Marion today. Bout had a heart attack!!!

  10. Spot up 31c the last two days. Next hike shouldn’t be too far behind.

  11. $5.15 Pendleton, Indiana on I-69 per Gasbuddy

  12. $5.59 in NW Lake and Porter Counties led by Family Express.

  13. $5.099 popping up in sw Ohio.

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