Wait, is that $3.09 that I see?

Comment on the May 16 prediction: No hike to $2.99 the past week, so WRONG.

Sunday, May 23, 2021, 1PM: This afternoon, I went back over my calculations, my inputs for wholesale prices, and the historical record I keep. How we didn’t have a hike the past week, I just don’t know. It might have something to do with the Speedway/7-11 deal, guessing that whoever decides to reset prices at Big Red was distracted. In preparing this post, grandrapidsgasprices.com reports some $3.09’s showing up right now, led by Marathon/Admiral, so maybe we have a rare Sunday hike starting up. There are a lot of stations in the $2.60’s, so what appears is a hike looks like a brutal-looking one.

I don’t want to be cheering on higher prices, but $64/barrel for oil would correspond to something more like $3.09, not $2.64. -EA

Updated: May 23, 2021 — 1:18 pm


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  1. $64 oil to $3.09 gas? I seem to remember $80 oil was $3 gas…

    Someone has to pay for the Speedway HQ expansion I suppose.

  2. A few $3.29s showing up in the southwest Chicago suburbs. Full blown hike? Will see.

  3. Looks 3.19 in Nw indiana. Started by FE yesterday and spreading tk more stations today.

  4. Indy area spiking to $2.999, led by Speedway.

  5. Thursday spike of $2.999 in SW Ohio. Isn’t there a holiday coming up? Just asking.

  6. Heard a radio ad today for big job fairs for 7-11 Speedway on June 3 I guess you don’t replace 4000 stores worth of employees in a snap.

  7. Spot at 2.09. Spike to 2.999 in sw Ohio.
    Typical and within normal spike margins.

  8. It’s a $3.35 day in Chicagoland, Prices had retreated little from last week’s $3.29. Cutting the bottom off the price curve again.

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