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Comment on the September 19 prediction:  Mostly WRONG, as prices stayed low until late Sunday, when we got a surprise, slow-motion hike to $2.29.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 10:30PM:  In case you are wondering, I do try to play the Gas Game with integrity.  When, a week ago Monday, I predicted a mild hike was coming, I filled up the tank, and then watched prices continue to drip lower.  And, when I received the Gas Buddy alert Sunday afternoon about a surprise hike to $2.29, I filled up for $2.03.  That being said, our Big Red friends have been eating nothing-burgers since July, with mild hikes keeping us roughly in a $2.00-$2.39 range.  Oil prices have been stable, too.  So, now that the hike is done, why should we expect anything but lower prices for the rest of the week? –Ed A.

Updated: September 27, 2016 — 10:31 pm


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  1. “Slow-motion hike” perfectly describes what we saw in Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County, Ed.

  2. nw Ohio rt 20 corridor has been seeing “a reversal”..the cheapest places are the most expensive and the other way round

    right now some areas have had sub $2.00 prices for 10 days..while 20 miles up the road its 2.15 still
    stability seems to be the key..have noticed some stations mid way in the commute have been at 2.129 for over a week now as spot hovers in a very narrow range around 1.40

  3. Indy saw its $2.25 spike later in the day yesterday and into the morning today. I guess it should go down from there, at least.

  4. Out this morning in Fort Wayne, at 6:30, and saw Lassus up to $2.25. Got into a $1.89 station before work. Gotta like slomo price cycles if you can’t get rid of them big spikes altogether.

  5. OPEN just announced that they are cutting oil production. Oil pricing is up, so I expect a jump this week.

  6. Yeah that goes right along with 1.99 gas for most of winter.

  7. Yep, whenever what big oil makes up to justify their reasons for higher prices isn’t working out, they just come up with something new…they have a great marketing department, or should I saw propaganda dept

  8. big jump in spot yesterday putting ohio 10 c plus below the spike line..cant see us getting to the end of the week without a reset to 2.299 again

  9. $2.299 spike underway in sw Ohio.

  10. 2.299 also starting to appear NW ohio RT 20 corridor..speedway the first to go…

  11. Means we’re probably going to 2.39 or 2.49 in Michigan since it is still around 2.25 in a lot of places.

  12. Spot climbing to $1.52 at mid-day. Looks like we may not see sub $2 a gallon gas for awhile all because of this OPEC plan to limit output. I guess we’ll really feel the pain if it goes through when OPEC meets in November.

    I’m sure Big Red is following the news closely with a finger on the spike trigger once again. Wouldn’t be surprised to see $2.50 gas soon

  13. But, but, but, prices were supposed to go DOWN after Labor Day.

    As usual, WE knew better…..

  14. Yeah, I don’t know if the switch to winter blend has been made yet, but if it hasn’t, I’m sure this would “cancel” out any decrease in prices

  15. Spot at $1.52 today. I saw a report that if the OPEC deal goes through in their November meeting, it will add $7-$10 to a barrel of oil for early next year. That will work out to an extra .50 cents a gallon I’m sure. Maybe some non OPEC partners will step in and increase their oil output to the markets.

    I’m not getting my hopes up and wouldn’t be surprised to see it crack $3 bucks once mid-late February rolls around

  16. So much – once again – for the so called experts. Seems to me they are simply reporting what we want to hear, never mind reality.

  17. Nice to see the spike has failed(near me at least). Most stations have fallen back to their pre-spike price.
    Lots of $2.059 and $2.079, at NON-Speedway stations. The Speedways along my commute are trying to hold the line at $2.269, even with the competition, a block away, 20 cents cheaper.

  18. Not getting a whole lot of drop near my house. This will probably lead to $2.39-$2.49 gas by the end of the week

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