Expecting gas prices to thaw a bit on Thursday

Comment on the January 7 prediction:  That prediction was CORRECT, as prices rose on January 9 to $3.45.  Then, on January 21, we got a lame hike to $3.39.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 7:15PM:  It has been a quiet month in gasolineland, which is why I haven’t posted much.  Wholesale prices have barely budged in two weeks, while retail prices have been ticking lower since the January 21 hike.  I think we are setting up for a price reset on Thursday, back in the $3.39 to $3.49 range. — Ed Aboufadel

Updated: January 28, 2014 — 7:17 pm


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  1. Gas this morning at $2.99 at the local Family Express and $3.00 at BP. Filled up my truck, car and gas cans ! Whoo Hoo !

  2. Yeah, it’s close on a spike Thursday. Keep an eye out.

  3. $2.95 last night in Fairfield, Ohio.
    Yep, we’ll be spiking today. Spiking big.

  4. $3.39 Grand Rapids Michigan

  5. Speedway just spiked to $3.39 in west central ohio…

  6. $3.39 in Indy too.

    Some prices were as low as $2.92, but the true average for the market was $3.19 yesterday, so it’s not a big spike by most measures.

  7. 3.39 in sw Ohio. Man that 2.95 i paid looks REAL good.

  8. S3.45 im Waterford this afternoon.

  9. Greedway spies to $3.39 here. Some had made it down to $3.19.
    Haven’t seen below $3.06 for a year or 2.

  10. Average in sw Ohio was about 3.12, so this was a 27 cent jump. Fairly sizable. None of the stations along my commute had spiked as of 7am, not even the Speedways(too much competition). I’m sure that will change in the next few hours.

  11. The gas price at the Troy, MI Kroger station just went up 10 cents to $3.399. Buying groceries at Kroger generally gets me $1.00 off per gallon every month so I always buy my gas there. You’re limited to 35 gallons, but I can fill up my SUV and two 5 gallon gas cans and stay within the limit.

  12. Thurs knee jerk spike to 3.39 has already had a 10-15 cent rollback. People are getting savvy, stations in Flint were busy all day wed/thurs with people filling vehicles and gas cans. cant totally blame it on pre storm ‘get ready to feed the snowblower jitters either. The freeway off ram stations are the only ones holding the agreed market line. just checked gas buddy and found some Genessee county stations are already back south of 3.20 Some of these winter spikes have no staying power.

  13. The $3.39 spike rolled through much of the Cincinnati area. Fairfield, North-Northwest of Cincinnati is still spike resistant with gas prices there in several places less than $3.00. It isn’t far from Cincinnati and certainly worth the drive to save 35-45 cents a gallon. I hope they continue to hold.

  14. In keeping with the Fairfield, Ohio theme:
    We’re still at $2.94. Even Speedway had to fall into place.
    A couple of miles south(where I live), we are at $3.02.

  15. Figures – stations around the corner jumped to 3.39 now….

  16. Fairfield, Ohio continues to hang in there. About a half dozen stations fell to the $3.39 spike price but the majority is under $3.00 to just above. Also Hamilton, just a few miles North have several sub-$3 stations as well.

  17. Spike free at stations between Anderson and Muncie, Indiana. Surprisingly held steady at $3.22 the whole time. We’ll probably pay for it with a 50 center next time lol.

  18. Yea, what’s with the wimpy 20c-30c spikes lately. I’m calling Speedway. They’re getting a foot of snow in North Central Indiana and that won’t even get us 40c? Isn’t there any gasoline delivery truck that will be stuck in Tipton and give us a well deserved 50c spike?

    Seriously, am I the only one wondering why they haven’t taken better advantage of 97$ crude? or is the market doing this bad this time of the year?

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