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    Features page doesn’t have the links to the pages included in the features section line it used to. Oil/Gas news also missing the links. About us pages says to click links below but none listed in that area either.

    Spikeline page looks offcenter to me in firefox 3.6. The charts are way off to the side and I have to scroll my bar over to the right to see them completely. I’m using 1152×864 display (non wide screen obviously) settings so it really should fit but the left side bar stays there when viewing and it’s taking up 1.3 of my screen.

    Today in oil page looks ok until you get down to the weekly rack prices, then again the prices sprawl off to the right, off the white area and into the cream color forcing a scroll to see them.

    Refinery status has what I guess should be a chart not loading in the top portion of the page. It makes a white outline about 1/2 inch off the rest of the white boundary. If it is a java or flash thing I have those turned off in FF and might be specific to my browsing environment.

    Latest EIA report video box extends past the boundary of the white space. Mind you the video didn’t load for me but the area for the video was clearly out of bounds.

    Everything else looks like it lines up correctly and stays within the boundary of the white space. The gas price charts do not load for me but I’m assuming that is my issue do to firefox being locked down with noscript, etc.

    I like the slightly larger font as it is easier to read. Glad for the quick comeback!

  2. Love the easier print to read and slightly enlarged! Good job!

  3. It’s the 8th and you haven’t updated the gas and oil prices since the 4th so it’s not better.

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