Conspiracy Theory Time: Why the Outage for the Gas Game?

Thank you to our IT support for getting the web site back up this morning.  Bill and I do not know why the site was down all weekend.  NSA?  Speedway?  The same reason Yahoo Fantasy Baseball statistics did not update on Sunday?  The floor is open for your favorite conspiracy theory!

(P.S.:  Gas prices should continue to fall, towards $3.40.) — Ed Aboufadel

Updated: June 24, 2013 — 8:42 am


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  1. Conspiracy theories?
    Shoot, I’m all out of tinfoil.

    DOES make you wonder though.

  2. good to see tgg back on. not sure if there was a conspiracy theory to tumble it though, surely it seems a good enough effort in favor of hard working americans and there are those who would want any and all resources that helps this folks get good information banned! so coming back is a triumph of we the people! now watch carefully they might bring in a rule in constitution that allows the greedy companies to sue information providers for the loss of business opportunity or may there exists one!

  3. Figures, Mike in Kalamazoo. Storms came through last night and continuing this morning. Storms that make the Gulf Coast laugh out lout. But the storms could be flinging squirrels in the wind. One never knows. It does look as though prices here, in Fort Wayne, are dropping fast enough to be at a place to spike sometime between Thursday and Tuesday, July 2nd.

  4. Could it be related to the North & South Korean cybertage?

  5. Is anyone else seeing extremely long page load times since the restore? I am using Firefox on Windows. Before this weekend, I had normal page loads. After the reload Firefox blocks and takes over 30 seconds before coming back on each page load at

  6. I am using Firefox on XP here at home, and Firefox on Win7 at work. Both places and installations are running normally on this site. Try clearing cache, not always, but sometimes it helps.

  7. Well the low low prices did not last very long. Holiday weekend(s) coming up ! Gas was down to $3.42 in parts of NW IN, but now back up to $3.69 ! Wow what a bargain !

  8. Now we have the dangerous waiting game. Do I wait an extra day or two to fill up the cars or just bite the bullet and do it now. I’ve always been a gambler though!

  9. I’m betting a hike next Monday or at the very LATEST, Tuesday. No scientific data, rhyme or reason other than a holiday weekend coming! I’ll be making sure 3 vehicles, motorcycle and 3 gas cans are filled by noon on Monday, personally.

  10. Derek and Sam: I agree, I’ts coming. It’s all in place. In Fort Wayne, the cheap stations are at $3.39 retail, and I calculate zero margin to be $3.30. Spike line may be lower, but it is a holiday weekend coming. The sooner rather than later will depend on what the wholesale price does. If it holds, it will probably be Tuesday. If it goes up just 5 cents, it could be sooner. Whenever, tonight, I am prepping my gas cans by filling all my mowers and 2 stroke cans, and getting them set. Then watching the wholesale price. I would rather fill up one day early, than miss it. In Fort Wayne, EVERY SINGLE station except for Sams will raise their prices within 40 minutes. There is no way I can get away from work and fill up once it starts. So I usually end up a day early, and one to 3 cents above the bottom. Oh well, beats 35 cents up though. Keeping fingers crossed. I got a lot of driving this weekend, not so much next week or next weekend. I’d like to be able to top off the tanks Monday AM or Sunday evening after my driving. But anyway, whatever happens, be prepared. We took it in the backside all May, and you just know, we will never make it up. Good luck to us all.

  11. Should be a heck of a spike for a couple of Indiana counties that have $3.14 prices… I am thinking a twoosie is called for here, one on Friday and one on Tuesday. If the prevailing price is 3.39 or so and we go to 3.69 or 3.75, the 3.14’s will be doing a 50 cent jump.

  12. Dropping every day here in southeast Michigan.

  13. Friday starts with the low stations in Fort Wayne at $3.37. Most are at $3.41. Today’s zero margin for these stations sets at about $3.34. We just might make it till Monday or Tuesday, but I sure can’t see a way we make it through the holiday, no possible way unless wholesale gas goes down 10 cents today. Be alert.

  14. I updated the Today In Oil page with today’s figures. I’ll do the Spike Line on Sunday night, unless I see something odd that makes me think weekend spike.

    That said, I don’t see a spike on Monday, although Tuesday is a strong possibility.

  15. Actually, Michigan is getting close to the spike line, at 6 cents (using yesterday’s pump price with today’s market). Indiana and Ohio are still well into double digits. My guess is the weekly rack prices I use in my formula are getting old. Monday brings a fresh rack, and hopefully clarity on that.

  16. A couple stations are at zero margin in Fort Wayne. We are probably hours from a spike. It surely won’t make it to Friday.

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