Another spike in effect

It looks like we have another spike on our hands. For Ohio, it’s up to $4.19, Indiana (outside Indy) it’s $4.29, $4.35 in the region. And Michigan is getting $4.29 as well. If you can get it cheaper, it would be best to do so now, as most stations will follow.

Surprisingly, no Speedway stations have gone up in Indianapolis. I wonder what the deal is there.

Updated: May 2, 2011 — 10:57 am

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  1. Diether Haenicke

    The cause of our (Chicago region) increase today appears to be a shutdown late Friday at an ExxonMobil refinery in Joliet, Illinois.

    As much as $4.299 is the highest non-inflation adjusted price ever seen across Michigan, be aware that Speedway would be $4.399 at their full profit margin. The 2008 peak was $4.259.

    After we work through this local refinery problem, there is hopefully light at the end of the tunnel, as New York gasoline futures are currently down 6.37¢ today to $3.3347.

    There are currently 12 states plus Washington, D. C. with averages above $4. Washington and Massachusetts are on the bubble to average $4.

    $4.206 is the current Michigan average.

    $3.935 is the current USA average.

    It is definitely worth noting that Speedway has not raised their price of diesel in southwest Michigan since at least April 10, when they went to $4.259. Their diesel prices currently range from $4.149 to $4.259.

    Similarly, they have not raised the price of kerosene since at least April 6, when they went to $4.399. At the limited number of stations that sell it, kerosene is currently $4.399, except $4.499 in Bangor and Schoolcraft.

    I’m hoping we have now peaked for the entire year. Looking over the past 6 years of national average prices, this is what I have found:

    2010 – peaked the first week of May, if you exclude the unusual fall rise that began in late September and we are still on. (gas prices typically take a large drop in September)

    2009 – about June 18

    2008 – first week of July

    2007 – middle of May

    2006 – first of August

    2005 – early August, despite hurricane Katrina at the end of the month that did
    in fact give us the highest prices ever in Michigan at the time of $3.399.
    That peak apparently didn’t last long enough to be reflected in the national

    While there is no particular month, the first of the month May to August is when prices have peaked in 4 out of the last 6 years.

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