Stupid Saturday

Saturday, February 21, 2015, 8:30PM:  Darn it!  I updated my spreadsheet this morning and saw that we have moved into price hike territory.  But it’s the weekend, so I thought I could wait until Sunday to predict a price hike.  WRONG!  We saw a rare Saturday hike today to $2.39, and I lost the Gas Game.  We’ll get you next time, Big Red! — Ed A.

Updated: February 21, 2015 — 8:17 pm


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  1. I was in Elkhart this morning and sure enough all the Speedways had gone to $2.39. After arriving home later in the afternoon, I managed to fill up for $2.12 before the switch was flipped. Perhaps todays spike will keep us from getting one next week.

  2. Did you also notice that Greedway increased the premium differential to 40 cents from 30 cents (at least here in East Lansing), too! Seems like it was only 20 cents just a year ago.

  3. Rack prices have been running 35-40 cents more for premium vs 87 octane for some time:
    In Chicago they’ve been 40-50 cents more for several years. Speedway waited a whole year before going from a 20 cents to 40 cent spread.

  4. I seem to remember that last year, early, we had a bunch of Saturday price spikes.

  5. Don’t feel bad. Leaving Rockford on Saturday afternoon I saw it had spiked to $2.39. Ended up over on Alpine and got gas @ Sam’s Club for $2.09 – lucky break for me.

  6. I see on GasBuddy, that crude has been mostly level with a bit of a drop, maybe. But spot went up over 4¢ yesterday? Must be that refinery strike in California?

  7. The price of a barrel of oil is back below $50 so why are gas prices continually going up and up? They should be going back down below $2! We are getting gouged again by the greedy oil companies!

  8. @TimmP You are absolutely right! In February 2014, we had Saturday hikes on 2/8, 2/15, and 2/22/2014. Hmmm …

  9. I managed to fill up for $2.09 at Sam’s today. Kinda makes me wonder why all but a very few stations in all of Fort Wayne are still so high, at $2.35 and higher.

  10. I just got a gas buddy alert on my phone that said Indiana wholesale prices are on the rise and gas prices are expected to go up this week. That’s in contrast to the usual alert that simply says gas prices are rising in Indiana. Kinda strange so I’m guessing a Saturday spike to keep on pace with the ones similar to February 2014??

  11. Double digit rise in Chicago spot price today.

  12. Speedway price grade spread has now increased to 25-25 in the Chicago area.

  13. Massive spikes in spot today, thus the unusual alerts we’re sending nationwide.

  14. Jim, really? JUST got gas in Chicago proper at a Speedway and it was 20/20

  15. Patrick…Speedway shows the one on N Damien at a 20cent spread, the other 2 Chicago ones 25. I looked at a bunch more in the suburbs, all showing 25 on the SPeedway web site.

  16. Good thing I filled up! I actually spoke to a group in Ohio last week, its the refiners forcing them to raise the gap sadly…

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