Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

Monday, April 21, 2014, 7:45PM:  The good news is that the ethanol hikes seem to be over, and that last Monday’s hike was as bogus as it felt, with prices dropping 30 or more cents in the past seven days.  The bad news is that, given that I have more confidence again in my calculations, dropping prices combined with rising wholesale prices means that we have a price hike coming Tuesday or Wednesday.  We could head back to $3.89 again. — Ed A.

Updated: April 21, 2014 — 7:40 pm


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  1. Figuring 25¢ give or take in Indiana is for Sales Tax (something only 10 other states have), I consider it pretty good to be under the US average.

  2. A station near me(United Dairy Farmers) never made the jump. The two near it (both GREEDways) were both 3.859, the UDF 3.579. At 6pm, the UDF RAN OUT of gas(literally).

  3. Wow, that’s a blunder, selling gas at such a good price for the market that you run out, and you can’t get the traffic you need into your store. Now they’re stuck with who knows how long without any revenue until the next gas delivery.

  4. Not so sure about that, Ren. UDF is a unique case. They are BIG around here. I see lots of ice cream, malts, coffee, beer, etc purchases, with not a single thought given to gas. There are always more people parked and inside, than out getting gas.

  5. Spike attempt seems to be failing. A lot of stations that were 3.859 last night, are now back to their pre-spike prices.

  6. The West Side of Cincinnati remains predominantly $3.85. North, Northeast and East of Cincinnati it looks like the push back to this crazy spike has been to great. Many stations are reverting back to the pre-spike price while others never changed. I am smack dab in the West Side. but filled up at Thornton in Norwood yesterday at nearly 30 cents below spike. The West side will get it soon, I hope.

    I wouldn’t worry about UDF Ren. Whatever setback the one station had with running out of gas they may just make up for it in ice cream sales. Many here including me swear by their ice cream. Plus they are owned by the iconic Lindner family. They have touched many a Cincinnatian by their philanthropy. Besides by early AM I’m sure they are filled with gas and ready to go.

  7. Still no spike in Indy. We are 5.4 cents below the US average, and 18.4 cents below the price from one week ago!

    The US average is down just a penny over the last seven days. That’s a miniscule drop, but at least it’s the right direction.

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