Good chance we will see at least $3.39 on Christmas Eve

Comment on the December 18 prediction;  Prices rose on Thursday to $3.29, just as predicted.  CORRECT!

Monday, December 23, 2013, 8:00PM:  Wholesale prices continue to rise the past several days.  Using an estimated wholesale price of $2.61, I am calculating a price to retailers this evening of $3.29, which is where we hiked to last week.  With prices down below $3.20 in a lot of places in the GR area, that sets up for a possible price reset on Christmas Eve, to at least $3.39.  Hate to make that prediction, but there it is. — Ed A.

Updated: December 23, 2013 — 7:58 pm


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  1. Merry Christmas Ed!

    Hope you and your family have a great holiday season, despite the bad news of gas going up. Thanks as always, helping to save a lot of people a lot of money in this economy.

  2. Have a Merry Christmas!!!Thanks for keeping us informed

  3. Ed…I’m gonna bet against you on this one. Never seen a Christmas Eve hike by Speedway. I’ll go for a hike Thursday.

  4. Nothing in Ohio yet. Nothing on over $3.299.

  5. speedway I75 off ramp price of 2.92 on christmas eve here in Flint. I also agree that thurs is the new bounce.
    (And thats why I keep my kroger points.)

  6. Thursday sounds right. I was a little over-zealous thinking it would hit Christmas Eve. I will use my Kroger points Thursday am. Have 1000 left from November and 1700 so far for December. Gotta love those 4x fuel point gift card promotions.

  7. Speedway spikes 1st in South Bend Going up to $3.49

  8. Looks like it’s more a post Christmas rise as I’ve heard some in South Bend rising today.

  9. Oh, and it’s going to $3.49

  10. Speedway 3.49 in Grand Rapids

  11. $3.459 in Ohio, HOLY COW!

  12. Merry Christmas ChrisDG74 from your local gas stations! 30 cent jump to $3.49 here in Indiana as well. Looks like we’re on our way again to prices over $3.75 by early February once again.

  13. I’m good. Topped off last night. $3.079. Not the best, but sure beats $3.459.

  14. Cincinnati has spiked to $3.45 late this morning. By 4:00 in my side of town most stations fell like a house of cards raising to $3.45 with strict adherence to GREEDway’s memo price. Glad I topped off this morning.

  15. Already seeing a 5 cent downward correction between Anderson & Muncie to $3.44. I wouldn’t be surprised if next week’s spike takes us up to $3.59. WTI Crude has charged across $100 a barrel, but hopefully Chicago Spot doesn’t follow.

  16. The price of gas at Kroger in Troy, Michigan is $3.49 too. I’m glad I filled up when Ed A. warned us of a price hike on December 18th.

    Wishing everyone a blessed and happy New Year! I’d like to say I’m optimistic that 2014 is going to be a better year, but I doubt it. *SIGH*

  17. I paid $2.219/gallon for E85 the day of the hike. Screw the lower mpg (did actually get 33 mpg on E85 earlier this month), it’s nice to give the one finger salute to $3.49!

  18. Have been checking the gas price heat map this A.M. Noticing that the spread between regular and premium seems to be taking a jump in some areas.
    N.W. Indiana (Gary, Portage. MI City) are showing a .40 to .62 cent difference. Most of the time it’s been .20 to .30 cent spread, also it is showing up in the Detroit and Lansing MI areas.
    Maybe Ed can look into this a bit more. Just remember that almost all gas engines with a turbocharger require premium fuel, like all the eco-boost units Ford is marketing.

  19. @Flapjack I haven’t been systematically paying attention to the pricing of premium gas. For a long time in Grand Rapids, mid-grade was 10 cents higher than regular, and premium another 10 cents. I think about two years ago, those spreads started to rise. The station I focus on the most — Speedway on Lake Michigan Drive across from Family Fare — has been going with the regular/reg + 15/reg + 30 pricing for a while now.

    I can’t fathom the rationale for the kind of spreads you are reporting for NW Indiana.

  20. To Ed and all the regulars on this site, a Happy New Year, and thanks for helping me save many $$$$$ over these past years (the old 99 Yukon has a 30 gal. tank and gets 12 to 15 mpg)
    I checked the gas price map again this afternoon and still found some N.W. Indiana stations with a reported .40 spread. The reason I watch that area is many times a spike seems to start over there ( I live near Caledonia MI). It is looking like the independents and small chains are using this pricing, not Speedway.
    Closer to home on this New Years day,
    AGO in Hudsonville Reg. $3.24
    Marathon Cottonwood & Oakwood near Jenison Reg.$3.17
    Campau Corners Whittneyville & 68th St. Reg. $3.37
    Speedway in G.R. area are still a.20 to .30 spread.
    If there is any rational, my guess is that the small guys at $3.17 ( Granville, Jenison and Hudsonville ) are selling at or below their cost, and trying to make some of it back on their premium sales.
    If these reports of $3.17 are correct, and you live in the Grandville area I would be filling my tank tomorrow.

  21. @flapjack – I noticed the increasing price spread between reg and prem early 2013.
    I could not find an answer either, but did find this .gov site information (not much help either) –

    Frustrated, I sold my premium using turbocharged car …just one step closer to not owning any motor vehicle

  22. It’s not uniform either. Shell for instance:
    In Ohio, they used to be 0+12+13 for the spread. Now it’s 0-15-20. In Virginia, I’ve seen 45 and 50 cent spreads between reg and super.

  23. I feel slighted – negative 14F here in Indianapolis and a foot of snow and no spikes due to weather, squirrels, or panic?

  24. Nice coincidence of crude dropping by quite a few dollars from recent highs while halting production. By the time production is back online crude will be up, rinse, repeat…

  25. Yes, spot prices ended up nearly a dime, over 11 cents in two days. I’d be nervous if I lived in a market that’s fallen precipitously since the post Christmas hike.

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