Looking for higher prices not yet seen in 2009

Comments on recent predictions:  With a hike on a warm St. Patrick’s Day, the March 14 prediction was CORRECT.  Yesterday’s warning of a possible hike, labeled as a prediction, was WRONG.

Saturday, March 21, 8:45 AM:  Wholesale-wise, we are 10 cents higher than we were early in the week when we got a hike to $1.99.  That means that $2.09 is the obvious target price going forward, so I will re-iterate my prediction that we get a price hike, this time on Monday or Tuesday, to a new price in the $2.05-$2.19 range.  Typically, prices rise throughout the month of March.


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  1. The more you two guys keep telling everybody to fill up because the price is going to go up, well it sure will. You idiots’s!!!!!! What happens when everybody goes and fills up!!! Gas consumption (demand) goes up so they raise the price. The both of you are better off keeping your mouths shut. The more you talk the more the price of gas will go up!!!!! Just Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Way to go Patrick!!!

    You say i’m clueless!! Why don’t you post my statement so everybody can see just how cluesless I am. Oh thats right, you guys don’t want be to know. You guys need to have a job by telling everybody to buy gas SO THAT THE PRICES GO UP EVEN HIGHER!!!

    Back to your response to me. I never said you were the soul purpose of gas prices rising, but you don’t HELP things at all.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EB, you really think our website has that big of an effect on wholesale gas prices?

    Here’s a fact you fail to realize. We report on wholesale gas prices as they rise or fall. After they’ve risen is when we report, just before stations raise their prices.

    To think we INCREASE demand by this website is funny as well- I know of no one that sees a gas price prediction here and starts driving. All we’re doing is having people fill up today instead of the next day. So basically a very small amount of demand shifts from the next day or the day after next to TODAY. We aren’t creating demand.

    I have a full time job, and it isn’t this website. I don’t understand why you feel the way you do… how skewed are you? We created this website to assist consumers understand and win the battle against price hikes, but somehow now you think we’re the reason behind the price hikes?

    EB, you say “The more you talk the more the price of gas will go up!!!!! Just Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    So what then when we make a wrong gas price prediction? Your theory is incorrect.

    I don’t have to prove how silly your comments are, I think the people can see it for themselves. And if you find this site useless, don’t feel obligated to continue to come back and write comments.

  4. Ed & Patrick,

    I love your site no matter what EB or anyone else says, and I feel not enough people say “thanks”. I enjoy following the site and twitter and have learned quite a few thing about the industry from you. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  5. Umm, well I predict the weather will get warmer and because I say so it will…so it must by my fault!
    EB who peed on your oatmeal that morning? If you don’t like the site you can always leave….and start your own. I look forward to reading yur insight and intelligent commentary

  6. Unfortunately, one of the signs of spring. I’m hitting myself over the head for not having checked this post until today. I paid the price Tuesday afternoon.

    Guess that means I’m not one of y’all that caused the price jump… 😉

  7. Great job Guy’s! Keep up the good work and don’t stop for a few clueless individuals.

  8. I also LOVE the site and check in from time to time. You help out a LOT! Thank you so much for the time you spend working on this project. Keep up the good work.

  9. I have a question… what did you mean when you titled this entry “New Price Highs For 2009”?

    Does that mean that you expect gas prices to go higher in 09 than they did in 08?

  10. Sorry for the confusion, Sarah. I edited Ed’s blog post.

    No, I do not expect record high prices this summer.

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