Price restoration in Speedway States? 50/50 odds to $1.999

Not very solid on this folks, maybe 50/50, but I think we’re awfully close to a “price restoration” in Speedway States to maybe $1.999. Like I said, I don’t feel as confident on calling this hike as I have on others, but I think that some stations dropped prices following the markets closing price on Monday. However a poor DOE report reversed any loss in wholesale prices.

We’re also barely clinging to a “Chicago Discount”, which is just over a penny per gallon. Gasoline coming out of Chicago is actually the most expensive gasoline in the nation east of the Rockies at the moment, likely due to refinery issues here. We should see gasoline being diverted out of the South and East because of the conditions here. Refiners and wholesalers can fetch a few cents more per gallon here because of those conditions so I expect the Midwest to soon have higher supplies as everyone rushes to send us gasoline (and take advantage of a few extra pennies profit per gallon).

So- a hike tomorrow to $1.99? Not completely sure, but what’s better- gasoline for $1.88 or $1.99? I know gasoline won’t get much cheaper in the next few days… I took the risk and filled up tonight for $1.83 after discount. If I were you, I would too!


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  1. “Speedway to $1.99” today . . . ? How about to an actual $2.05 out in the Ada/Lowell burbs. Meijer, too. However, I’m sure you have caught up with all this, by now. What a game we play! But, I do thank you for your efforts in advocating for the consumer in this game.

    Hell, what is just another 10 cent/gal. jump . . . a mere $2.00 on average . . . unless one is filling a 36 gallon, “GAWD I love my Yukon Denali – best ride I have ever owned, 130K miles and counting – still looks like new, runs like a champ and consistently gets 17-18 mpg on the “open” road” vehicle. I love my Yukon ride!!

    Sorry, got carried away!!

    Keep up the good work with Ed . . . you two are providing a great service!!


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