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Congratulations, Patrick, and Good Luck!

I want to publicly congratulate Patrick on this step forward in his career.  He had been keeping me abreast of his conversations with GasBuddy, and I was anticipating when this day will come.

When Patrick joined up with me a few years ago, The Gas Game was just a hobby of mine.  Some of you may recall my article in the Grand Rapids Press in 2002, along with my web site at gvsu.edu, as examples of this hobby.  With Patrick’s hard work, thegasgame.com became something special, with a great logo; RSS, reader comments and other tools to expand access; and several other obvious and hidden enhancements that have increased the visibility of this site.  Thank you, Patrick, for all the work you’ve done on this site.

Patrick and I have gone through a lot with this site the past few years.  The explosion of gas prices from below $2 to $4.25 brought us a lot of attention, and the dizzying drop this past year back below $1.50 has been amazing, too.  Due to all the news about gas prices the past few years, the site has been noted in media from Chicago to Washington, DC.

I don’t want to make it sound like we’re done now.  I will continue to post regularly to the site, making my comments and predictions about gas prices and possible hikes.  But with Patrick moving to Gas Buddy, postings on this site will be less frequent, and, as you may have noticed, I tend to focus on connecting the price of the futures to retail prices and pay less attention to refinery issues and Speedway rewards programs.  My quiet study of diesel continues, and I expect to have something intelligent to say about diesel pricing before the end of the year.  And, perhaps I’ll get another featured writer for the site.


I’ll be stepping out for a short time…

After a few busy weeks with a lot of things going on in the background here at TheGasGame, I’ve decided I need to temporarily dedicate more time to those things. Obviously, this means I’ll be away or working to get some things accomplished over the next couple days/weeks.

While I’m away, you can continue to count on posts every so often as needed, but several items will not be updated, such as “Today in Oil” and “Refinery Status”. I’m not sure if I’ll be gone for a few days or a week or two.

The time taken away from TheGasGame will allow me time to concentrate on opporunities that have arisen to me in the last couple months. I’ll definitely do my best to let everyone know what’s going on- so stay tuned here.

For now, I’m sure Ed will keep posting when needed. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our thoughts.


PetroChina, Venezuela to build refinery (Moldova.org)

PetroChina said it had received government permission to build a new refinery in southern China to process heavy crude oil from Venezuela.The joint PetroChina and Venezuelan project will result in a refinery that can process 200,000 barrels per day, El Universal reported Friday.General Manager Jiang Jiemin of PetroChina's parent company China National Petroleum Corp., said PetroChina would own ...
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