Price Hike Day: $3.45!

Comment on the November 21 prediction:  It was fun to predict $2.99, and we got down to $3.06, but I guess I was WRONG.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 10:51AM:  I thought it was time this morning to figure out where we are at with potential gas prices, but I see that the Speedway web site has posted $3.45 a gallon at some stations, so it is PRICE HIKE DAY. Fill up!  $3.45 seems a bit high given the relationship in the past between wholesale prices and price-hike day prices, but I thought the last hike to $3.35 was a bit much, too.  So, it appears that Speedway is trying to improve their margins.  They have not been successful in the past trying to do this.

Updated: December 6, 2011 — 10:55 am


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  1. The wholesale pricing on the site is really helpful… you had to think it was unrealistic to expect prices to fall further than $3.25, seeing as how that is lower than the price of taxes added onto the wholesale price at this point.

    I have to refer back to the hike at the beginning of November- a hike to $3.55 that went right back down within 2 days.

  2. We can only hope Aaron.

  3. $3.22 at a Mobil on Belding Road, $3.25 at 10Mile & US131, $3.19 in the Hooterville Jenison Holland area and its $3.45 in Grand Rapids. WUD UP WID DAT! It was $3.45 for a day here in the Rockford area and came back down.
    In the long run ya save 3 or 4 bucks on a fill up..but you do it a couple times a day like my wife does and it adds up. (she is a sales rep on the road you see). Toss in .15 cents off with the Mobile Speedpass and in a year its rather decent!

  4. 4 gas stations accused of price-fixing

    The stations were located in Madison Heights, north of Detroit.

    I’m not going to respond on Channel 8’s web site to the mostly ignorant comments below that article. Matching the price a nearby competitor posts on their publicly visible sign is not price fixing. “Price fixing requires a conspiracy between sellers,” says Wikipedia.

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