Shell’s Price Hikes Aren’t Holding

Comment on the February 7 prediction:  Hmmm.  Shell (yes Shell!) hiked to $1.99 on Monday, which matches my prediction, but the rest of the crew took their time, many waiting until Tuesday and their hike was to $1.95.  I’m not going to give myself full credit:  3/4 CORRECT, 1/4 WRONG.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 7:40PM:  It is a busy, busy time for me, but I have a moment to drop in for a quick post.  I saw a number of articles on the ‘Net this weekend about how oil has dropped, but gas prices are up.  As I noted in my last posting, welcome to February.  I drove back from Chicago on Monday afternoon and I thought I saw a $2.05 as I drove along I-94 near Benton Harbor.  It was not my imagination, as Gas Buddies say Shell hiked to $2.09 yesterday, but few matched.  There are still a few $2.09’s around, but for the most part, we are still solidly below $2.  Since the stock and energy markets stunk up the joint, maybe we are free and clear for a few days.  As of today’s close, NYMEX prices has us in a $1.64 to $1.85 range, while AXXIS has us higher, but they are always behind by a day.  I’m going to cross my fingers here and predict no price hikes this week.


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  1. Yesterday morning (Tuesday) prices in Rockford were $1.89. They dropped to $1.87 in the late afternoon. This afternoon they dropped to $1.83. Here’s hoping they keep up the trend.

  2. $1.69 in Spring Lake today! Prices are retreating yet again…how long?

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