Ed takes easy way out: no price hike this week

Comment on Thursday’s prediction:  Prices fell below $2, so the prediction was CORRECT.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 5:15 PM:  WZZM-13 stopped by my office yesterday, and the best I could say is that when I started the Gas Game, gas was below $1.50, and during the decade, it went up past $4.  For the most part, my techniques to predict price hikes worked in that environment.  The past two months, with gas prices falling more than 50% and with financial companies, the stock market, and the economy falling apart in the background, it isn’t clear anymore at what point Speedway and friends will be back to looking for opportunities to "re-set at a 20-cent margin", as opposed to, "how much should be drop the price today so that we get some business."  It is easy right now to predict each Sunday that the Lions will lose.  I am going to do the same with gas prices:   predict no price hike this week.  At some point, I will be wrong.  (And at some point, the Lions will win.)


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  1. $1.89 in Grand Haven today!

  2. Ed,

    Gas prices at the Meijer Quick-Stop and the Speedway on Burlingame were at $1.98 yesterday and $2.09 today. I think there was a reset, at least there was on my route home.

  3. Prices were reset in Holland yesterday also to 2.09, we were at 1.95

  4. $2.09 at Mobil in Jenison this morning. I should have filled up yesterday, but didn’t have time…….so now I am literally paying for it! 🙂

  5. The Meijer on Alpine reset to $2.09 as well but the rest of the stations on my way home stayed the same.

  6. It seems Meijer reset everywhere I have looked and was quite surprised to see that this morning. Especially since Speedway and Shell here in TC dropped below $2/gal this AM.

  7. Yesterday morning I went through the intersection of Michigan/Fuller where both the Shell on one corner and the Speedway on the other corner were at $1.97. Then after work yesterday afternoon I rolled through and the Shell jumped up to $2.09 while the Speedway dropped to $1.89…craziness!

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