Speedway takes one for the team, rasises prices minimally to $3.99

As of a few moments ago, Speedway has set the price of $3.99 at many of their Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio locations. This is a rare instance in the fact that Speedway is pricing gasoline the same in these states. Seems to be that they are favoring the consumer here and not going over $4 when they easily could.

Let me remind everyone as well, in previous years (last year) gas prices peaked in the last two weeks of May. Are we done for the year? It doesn’t seem like it, but we’ll see in the next couple weeks!

For now, let it be known Speedway is holding under $4 for the good of the consumers and that they easily could have gone higher.



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  1. Peaking in late May? Smells like typical Memorial Day gouging to me…but with wholesale prices going up, I still suspect we’ll go higher. Prices have been stable here for the past week or so, easing off at a few stations. (A Speedway near us at $3.95 late last week has eased to $3.86; others have moderated a bit as well.)

  2. Rudy, where are you from? Thanks for the comment!

  3. When you say “Speedway takes one for the team,” are you referring to the company, or the individual station owners?

    Do you believe that Speedway is selling it to the station owners at a loss (or low margin), or the station owners are selling it at a loss (or low margin) ?

  4. Referring to the company since they hadn’t raised prices like they usually do- chainwide

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