Ugh Speedway! 2.95!??!

Speedway has JUST set the price of 2.95 in Michigan. I *JUST* filled
up for 2.75 ($42!! ouch)

Meijer has not yet sent a text message (might they not match
Speedway? That’d be wonderful! We’re in a fight, and MEIJER, the
local KING is battling for consumers?) We’ll see what happens with

Wholesale prices do not support Speedway’s hike to 2.95. Wholesale
prices are the same as when we got a hike to 2.85, so why the extra
10 cents??

For those enrolled in Speedy Rewards, if you didn’t already notice,
Speedway has changed the points system- you’re lucky to get 1/3 the
points for gasoline now. Instead of 420 points for $42 of gas, its
160 points- for 16 gallons. Ridiculous. Guess I’ll stick to my BP and
5% off.

Quick fill up!

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