Price Hike Coming Monday — Maybe Over $2 A Gallon

Comment on the January 28 posting:  Two days after that posting, some places hiked to $1.95, others didn’t, which I think reflected my ambivalence.  Eventually, everyone went to $1.95, but then prices started going back down.

Saturday, February 7, 2009, 9:30PM:  I have a program on my computer called Kana Reminder that I can set different reminder messages.  An annual message that comes up on February 1 is "Expect two months of gas price hikes", because that is what seems to happen every year.  I am pretty sure we have a price hike coming on Monday, to at least $1.99, but maybe over $2, as NYMEX climbed at the end of the week, and AXXIS did even more, despite a calming of labor tensions with the refineries.  Fill up late Sunday or early Monday if you can.


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  1. What’s the deal? Refineries may go on strike? Then (Contract Reached, Prices may come down in a few days) Why isn’t the media on this, and scaring the living crap out of us? No news about this at all. price may be coming down, and then price Hike Monday… ???What’s The Deal??? Confused website owners maybe??

    Where’s this Info coming from??? I just like to know the source of all this…

    Relief one minute, and panic the next… I Just Don’t Know anymore…

    Why can’t we ALL live a normal life w/out having to worry about rather the gas is going to put us in debt or not pay the next bill. It isn’t like we can walk 30 miles to work, and back like I have to drive 5 days a week, and I drive a compact car… I remember putting Over $40.00 bucks to fill the little thing up. Ridicules…

  2. Looks like we have a new player in the price hike game. Shell is hiking today to $1.99, and others are following, but slowly.

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