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Presenting $3.XX gasoline…

Its been such a long time it seems that I’m proud to announce we should be seeing $3.XX gasoline (as low as $3.89) in Grand Rapids in coming days as wholesale gasoline prices continue what seems to be a correction.

Gasoline lost another 10.34-cents today, marking a near 40-cent slide since the week began.

Unfortunately for some retailers, they purchased fuel at the worst possible time: the day before the slide began and are going to be stuck selling it at a loss. As soon as stations sell off their gasoline that they paid at the peak of the week, expect prices to nosedive. We’re already seeing $4.08’s roll around in rural areas, and we can expect even bigger decreases *everywhere* by the time stations get rid of their expensive fuel, which may take a few days.

Today’s STATION cost for gasoline according to a regular poster was hovering near $3.80, so we definitely have quite a bit of play in prices. Hold off on filling up until prices get cheaper and only pump what you NEED for now! (IE- less than a full tank)


$3 gas in the future?

I said $2.59 by the end of the week, not $2.95! And here I am with a 1/4-tank. OK, so what happened here? Two things — first, it looks like averaging the unleaded and the reformulated blendstock price is the way to go right now, and the RB price was 30 cents higher this morning. Second is that NYMEX prices shot up 12 cents a gallon today! Time to seriously worry about gas above $3. (That’s not a prediction — yet.) An additional hike to $2.99 followed, but then prices fell.

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