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Keep track of wholesale oil and gasoline prices at TheGasGame.com!

With one simple visit to TheGasGame.com, consumers can now see delayed trades of oil and gasoline futures!

TheGasGame.com is your complete source for beating high gas prices, and adding this information on the website will give consumers one less place to find the information. Wholesale oil and gasoline futures are traded on the NYMEX exchange and directly influence local prices.

The information can be found on the sidebar (the left of the screen) under the search area. Look for the “OIL/GASOLINE FUTURES” headline. Since futures are traded by month, you’ll see the soonest month’s contract. PRICES ARE IN U.S. Dollars (3.22= $3.22, etc)

We’ve also made some changes to our design for those running Internet Explorer. Hopefully you notice the changes.


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