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  1. Speedway triggering the gas hike this morning… going to $2.49 in Indiana, $2.59 in Michigan, not seeing ohio yet, but would expect it

  2. Ohio speedway stations started now. They’re going to $2.45.

  3. speedway leading in NW ohio area. 2.459
    thats 20 cents in most places..but only 6c at one station I pass which hasnt moved since the last spike

    scored a 2.179 on way to work so will take that

  4. $2.459 represents a 33-cent jump in my area from 7am today

  5. Told my family this morning…”Gas party this evening at the Kroger!” Figured this was coming.

  6. Is diesel skyrocketing anywhere else? Some stations pushing toward the $3 mark in Fort Wayne.

  7. Welp, looks like this spiked failed miserably (at least in areas that I frequent). A lot of places never went up, stayed in the lower $2.20s. The ones that DID spike, have all fallen back to toward $2.20. Poor Speedway.

  8. NW Ohio RT 20 corridor update..couple hot spots of 2.15 around Mansfield & Ashland Ohio= most other places still 2.25-2.30 so still some margin. As oil drifts lower and spot follows..and its almost back to school time..and time to start brewing winter blend..unless the hurricane season kicks off looks like 2.499 in June was the high point of the year round here. here’s to a stable fall of slowly falling prices back toward the magic $2.00 mark. I will take that for sure

  9. Update to my post about diesel…the price certainly has risen, but apparently the new guy at my Kroger posted the premium prices instead of the diesel price. Back down to $2.69.

    Noticed some sub-$2 prices popping up in the Lima-Wapa area of Ohio. Harbinger of things to come or just a pocket of competition? Not that I would expect to see sub-$2 in Indiana without another collapse of oil prices (thank you party controlling government for 5th highest gas tax in nation).

  10. I wonder if Speedway will pull the trigger on the Saturday spike or will they wait until Monday?

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