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  1. I was thinking the same thing yesterday afternoon, as I drove past a station that had dipped noticeably in the last 48 hours ….. because nothing says get ready for 3.85 gas like 3.49 per gallon….

  2. I expect several stations in Indiana outside of the northwest corner of the state to crack $4 this time. Last week’s spike saw 50 cents in some places, like Muncie. Even a .30 cent spike would make it $4.09 where I live. Unfreakingbelieveable. Indiana is only a few cents below California’s average.

    Just 15 more years till retirement which will take me a long ways away from any Greedway state and the wrath of Chicago Spot’s heavy hand pricing.

  3. I’d say odds are down to about 5% for an increase. Chicago prompt cycle switched and with it came a drop in spot prices. No hike for the time being.

  4. Mike - Kalamazoo

    Oh my friend, when has that ever stopped Greedway? But I hope you’re correct

  5. Anybody remember the “pundits” a couple weeks ago talking about how gas was going to be a bit cheaper this year than last? 1)They are always wrong, always. The price never goes down once the ordinary folks have had a”taste” of higher prices and it has been analyzed by big oil. 2)They never, ever take into account squirrels in the Mid West, or 3 inches of rain over three days [followed by sun], or granny’s arthritic knee. Gotta love gasoline life in X)a state with sales tax on gasoline Y)being in the Midwest with all the “refinery mishaps” , and Z)a Speedway state besides. I think that covers all 3 dimensions, X, Y, and Z.

  6. 3.37 in central Kentucky today as I return to Indiana. It appears the Kentucky to Indiana pipeline takes a long detour thru Lagos, Nigeria and the price goes up by 50 cents….

  7. Turbo – Don’t know where exactly you were, but, once you get south of Lexington, Greedway doesn’t have a presence. Also, West of Shelbyville and east of Mt Sterling(both on I-64) there are no Greedways.

  8. I’m topping off tonight . . . . better safe than sorry – LOL! $3.65 @ Cedar Springs Meijer with Meijer credit card.

  9. I saw 3.32 in Lexington and 3.69 in Erlanger. Apparently the pipeline troublemakers must be in Florence or Georgetown 🙂

  10. I actually filled up for 3.32 in a Speedway in Lexington… Lets see our BigOil apologists explain 30-40 cent a gallon price difference for a 50 mile distance within the same state.

  11. >>>Lets see our BigOil apologists explain 30-40 cent a gallon price difference for a 50 mile distance within the same state.<<< I would love to if this were worded differently. But I am not a BigOil apologist. That said, what rack does Lexington get its gas from? Erlanger? Heck, Louisville is closer to Lexington, and it also had prices in the $3.60s tonight as well. Wouldn't Erlanger's proximity to Ohio and its lower taxes make it lower than Louisville's? I live in Indianapolis. I can drive across the city and see a 30-40 cent difference. The pricing of gasoline is a complex thing. Location is a factor, along with competition, local taxes, property value, wages and electricity. Put yourself next to a Wal*Mart, and you'll have more customers, and can sell lower. More competition also drops prices. And if you can get away with lower taxes, wages and electricity, you can sell lower as well. But ultimately, look toward the EPA. Kentucky has six counties that have opted into the RFG standards set by the EPA. Ask Chicago and the counties near it in Indiana how much more they have to charge for gas. List of Kentucky counties opted into RFG standards: Boone County Bullitt County (partial) Campbell County Jefferson County Kenton County Oldham County (partial)

  12. Does a retailer have a choice of which rack to buy from? if I am in the ‘border’ area and can get from rack A versus rack B at 30 cents more (let’s take the EPA out of the picture), why would I select the more expensive one.

    Better yet, if I have a town that can choose from either rack, what’s the incentive of the retailer buying from the cheaper rack to NOT match the price of the higher rack, or for the retailer buying from the expensive rack to switch to the lower rack (other than boost profit margins and keep prices the same)

    In a non Speedway state the choice is made by the individuals, in states where Speedway dominates, well, good luck with that. RFG gas may have something to do in some areas but not everywhere.

    What you and I see in Indianapolis is Zone Pricing, a totally different story.

    We keep hearing that gasoline pricing is a very complex thing, but we accept what we’re told as gospel. Yet there are plenty of complaints about retailers taking advantage of customers when the same item in the same store chain is priced differently. When my kids were younger we found out the hard way how Target priced baby items in stores near urban areas vs the suburbs.

  13. Rockford, Michigan dropped 5 cents overnight tonight . . . . I would expect we’ll be seeing a spike by this afternoon. Hope I’m wrong, just seems like it’s about time [they seem to jump it every 2-3 weeks] around here. My theory – based on nothing but what I see and past experience.

  14. the lowest Speedway in the Grand Rapids area when up from 358 to 369 a gallon today

  15. Great. Now maybe some Indiana stations will start seeing the prices I’m seeing here in “downtown” Springboro, Ohio….$3.44 a gallon

  16. The reality fairy suspects a gratuitous Speedway spike right ahead of falling xBOB prices…

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