With spot up again by 20¢ today, it’s time to worry about a spike.

As Diether said in the comments of my last post, it is indeed time to worry, as the Spike line was 3-15¢ under across the board today. I’ll go with his prediction of $3.599 or $3.659 with Ohio on the low side, and Michigan on the high side. Patrick, the GasBuddy blogger who got his start here says it could push higher.

The big question is when? Tomorrow is the most likely to me, although the possibility of them waiting until Thursday since it’s so close to the last adjustment up is possible.

Now, I’d like to answer a couple things from the last post’s comments.

Diether stated that, “Some of the prices on that chart (Today In Oil) are mid-day quotes.”

Actually, they are all EOD, although I’m sure I gather the information from a different place. I get mine from DTN.

TimmP said

“Stupid question/suggestion. Would it be possible to have a running 60 day graph of the CBT spot prices of wholesale gasoline in the Spikeline (or anyplace) on this site?”

I don’t have the wholesale price, but I do have the price adjusted to the SpikeLine on the charts on the Spike Line page (look under “Features” at the top.) There are charts for Indy, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio there. Updating these takes some work, so I usually do it weekly. I’ve done what I can to improve the process, getting the time is my issue now. Your question has given me a thought about putting a chart on the Today In Oil page (also under features) as well. Again, time will dictate when that happens.

Happy price hunting, all. It’s gonna get rough the next few weeks/months!

Updated: February 21, 2012 — 8:23 pm


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  1. Nothing from Speedway quite yet (except possibly Ohio), but the number of stations (any brand) in Michigan at $3.699 has increased from 2 to 8. The top price remains $3.899 with Gene’s Service and the BP next to Detroit Metro Airport.

  2. Wednesday 10:18 a.m.

    $3.699. 100% correct prediction for me, both day and price.

    The first Michigan reports were:

    * 10:11 a.m. Lansing, E. Saginaw St. & E. Grand River Ave.
    * 10:19 a.m. Holland, 120th Ave. & James
    * 10:22 a.m. Comstock Township (Kalamazoo), S. Sprinkle Rd. & E. ML Ave.

    $3.699 also appears to be the price for Ohio, with the first reports from:

    * 9:40 a.m. Waynesburg, Waynesburg Dr. NE & OH 43-183
    * 10:20 a.m. North Canton, Everhard Rd. NW & Whipple Ave. NW

    No reports yet from Indiana.

    None of these new prices are yet reflected on Speedway’s website.

  3. Diether- didn’t you expect a lower price?

  4. He was close. I know I did cast a wide enough swath (with Patrick’s prediction, which was $3.59-$3.75) to be correct. In retrospect, I felt it should be higher, as anything in the lower $2.60’s wouldn’t be a very strong reset. But numbers didn’t back that up. So I guess we both got timid. Such is the game.

  5. 10:42 a.m. Wednesday

    Here are more independent stations in west Michigan reported up before Speedway:

    * 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, $3.599, Mr Grocery, CR-388 and CR-215, Grand Junction

    * 8:13 a.m. Wednesday, $3.509, Marathon (Spinners), Lincoln at 128th Ave., Grand Haven

    * 8:22 a.m. Wednesday, $3.659, Marathon (May St. Market), E May St. at Colfax Ave., Benton Harbor

    $3.699 is also the new price in Indiana. First reports:

    * 10:34 a.m. Indianapolis, S. Lynhurst Dr. & Southern Ave.
    * 10:39 a.m. Indianapolis, W. County Line Rd. & Railroad Rd.
    * 10:41 a.m. Crawfordsville, Indianapolis Rd. near Traction Rd.
    * 10:42 a.m. Goshen, W. Lincoln Ave. & Indiana Ave.
    * 10:51 a.m. Mishawaka, Lincoln Way W. & Spring St.
    * 10:55 a.m. Plymouth, N. Michigan St. & US-30

    I did not see the new prices on Speedway’s website until 11:06 a.m.

    Unlike Saturday, this was NOT a 100% system-wide increase. As of the 11:06 a.m. update, 64 of Speedway’s 289 Michigan locations (22%) did not go up to $3.699 and remained at their previous price of $3.499 or lower. Non-participating locations include:

    * Sturgis

    * Jackson

    * Comstock Park (4656 Alpine), Comstock Park (4121 W. River Dr.), Lowell (1002 W. Main)

    * Jenison (1815 Baldwin Dr.), Jenison (279 Baldwin St.), Grandville (4235 Chicago Dr.), Fremont (902 W. Main St.)

    * Grand Rapids (4018 Cascade Rd.), Grand Rapids (4096 Plainfield Ave.), Grand Rapids (2754 Alpine Ave. NW), Grand Rapids (400 Leonard NW), Grand Rapids (2750 Lake Michigan Dr.), Kentwood (815 52nd St. SE), Grand Rapids (4404 Eastern SE), Kentwood (4384 Kalamazoo Ave.), Grand Rapids (501 68th St. SW), Wyoming (3315 S. Division), Grand Rapids (4045 28th St. SE), Grand Rapids (3210 Plainfield Ave. NW)

    * Both locations in Cadillac

    * Grayling

    * 10 locations in Lansing

    * Locations in De Witt (2), Alma (2), Mason, St. Johns (2), Eaton Rapids, Bath (2)

    * Oscoda, Bay City, Essexville, Caro (2)

    * Midland (6), Saginaw (5)

    * Burton

    * Lake Orion

    * Algonac, Port Huron

    I’ve posted a non-participating list like that a few times before. The locations seem the same as previous times I’ve posted them.

  6. My final prediction (Wednesday, $3.699) was posted here yesterday at 5:07 p.m.:


  7. ChrisDG74, Cincinnati, OH

    3.699 in Ohio now.

  8. I would like to make a request. These articles we read/hear daily, weekly, etc on the web or television will always occur in our daily walk in life. Profit is the name of the game, right? Why can’t we the public hear about the profit these corporations have made/are making in the same article as we read about these gas price increases? I for one have grown tired of the excuses currently talked about on television/web blogs, I would rather hear about a 30 cent increase at the pump, as well as the millions/billions profit these gas corporations earned in the previous quarter. The two numbers should be SYNONYMOUS! So we hear about a pump increase and we hear the profits so its fresh in all our minds. 100 folks frown, 5 folks smile – – fresh approach.

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