Finally: Diesel under $4 in Indiana

Just a quick note: diesel consumers can now find diesel fuel for $3.99/gal in Burns Harbor, Indiana. After nearing $5/gallon, I’m sure consumers of the fuel are a breathing a sigh of relief. This should greatly help trucking companies, especially the smaller operations.

Gas prices in the Grand Rapids area should remain steady around $3.80s-$3.90s for the time being.


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  1. Do you think west michigan will see under $4 for diesel by this fall?

  2. Really? That’s interesting… I drove back to GR from Indianapolis yesterday, and most of the stations I saw were around $5 for diesel. I saw a few at $5.01 on US31.

  3. If diesel were priced like gas, it could already be below $4.

  4. Gas prices here in anderson, IN for Diesel is between 4.50 and 4.85 it hasn’t been 5 buck’s here in a few months.

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