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In light of recent data I’ve posted here (see the post below for charts), I’d like to see what consumers in our area would rather have.

We *all* know that a large chain has significant influence on prices, so without further delay…

Would you rather see a LARGE price swing once a week (IE from 2.99 to 3.29) or would you rather prefer a slower increase of roughly 4 cents per day over the course of the week?

Basically, do you want slow gradual increases (allowing you to get to the pump if you see prices rise) or get caught with your pants down when you see prices hike 30+ cents?

Leave comments and let us know! Don’t forget to vote in the poll!

Updated: March 8, 2008 — 3:35 pm


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  1. What I would rather see is them basing there retail price on cost. As an independent I can not afford to sell below cost so that more people come into my store. All the people that patronize Speedway don’t realize that this companies predatory practices are killing off the competition.

  2. What I would like to see is a national price. Imagine if all Speedways had the same price, always. Raise it, lower it, so long as it is universal.

    Oil has one price per barrel at any one time. Why does gas have wildly varying prices from region to region?

    Kroger sells milk at the same price no matter which store you go into.
    Blockbuster has the same price no matter which store you go into.
    E*Trade has the same commission no matter where you execute your trade.
    Speedway Hotdogs are all the same price.

    What is it about location that makes hotdogs a universal price and gasoline vary?

    The only good thing about wildly disparate gas prices is that it lets me shop around. At 50.2 miles per gallon I can pass up a lot of gas stations before I decide to stop.

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