Most West Michigan BP stations getting me angry

BP has generally been my station of choice for quite some time, but things have slowly been starting to frustrate me with many of the local BP stations (look at GRGP tonight! ALL the high priced stations are BP! ELEVEN!). For one- while they had been typically running 9-cents more for a higher grade, they now run 11-cents higher. IE- $3.99/$4.10/$4.21 That irritates me to no end. Speedway had adopted the 10-cent rule a few years back after having gone as little as 7-cents higher per grade. So why has BP suddenly decided they need more than 9-cents? I wonder if it has something to do with more and more cars requiring premium fuel, like one of mine.

Next, today BP decides that its going to try its own hike, to an astounding $3.99! What in the heck is going on? I must say the BP at 28th and Wilson is perhaps the only BP around with decent management… they went from $3.85 or $3.88 (can’t remember) to $3.78 late tonight.

Next time I think about going to BP, maybe I’ll elect for a station with better tactics than most the BP’s.

Again, please read- the BP at 28th and Wilson is NOT one of the BP’s I’m referring to. Here is a list:

BP @
Port Sheldon St & 28th Ave
36th St SW & Buchanan Ave
44th & Division
Kalamazoo Ave SE & 60th St SE
10 Mile & US-131
E Division & Wolverine
Plainfield & Woodworth
Fulton & E of Bronson
West River & US-131
Alpine & Coventry
E Division St near Stebbins Ave

Unless these BP stations change their habits, I’d like readers to know what kind of crap these stations are pulling. They are trying to pull a fast one. Even “almighty” Speedway didn’t reset to $3.99! They chose 14-cents LESS per gallon.

Gouging anyone? I’m done with said stations unless they change their practices.


Drivers force independent gas station to lose thousands

As you may or may not know, last night a Citgo station in Kentwood (52nd and Kalamazoo) was priced at $3.87 on the street. However, once at the pump, customers noticed the $2.87 and greedily filled up without saying one word to the station’s employees.

It is appalling to me that this went on for nearly four hours while the station owner (NOT BIG OIL) lost thousands of dollars.

For those who don’t know, the station owner paid Big Oil $3.65 per gallon for the gasoline and WILL STAND TO LOSE the difference between the $2.87 and $3.89.

It is frustrating that every single one of the idiots who paid $2.87 lacked the ethics to tell the station employees what was going on.
I guess I can understand how other countries view us, heck, even I understand.



Benchmark backs off to $3.69

My Indiana benchmark has dropped four cents since my last writing, down to $3.69. Is there some reason their wholesale costs are that much higher than Grand Rapids? The station in question in Indiana is definitely a high volume station, so their wholesale costs would be more appropriate to benchmark against compared to a smaller Indiana retailer, but as I said, we still average a good dime and change over their pricing.

Either they will drop again or we’ll see a rise here in the next couple days…

Stay tuned to WOODTV8 tonight at 5 to hear more, as well as WOODAM1300 tomorrow morning as prices continue to break record highs.

Speedy Rewards: No clear answer! Upset? Leave a comment!

So rumors have been abundant about Speedway canceling its beloved Speedy Rewards program starting January 1. What has changed? I’m not sure. A few posts from GrandRapidsGasPrices.com got me curious- I had yet to hear about anything changing, so I went digging.

Here is what I’ve found so far:

Coupons violate state law mandated by Weights and Measures Department

(12/31/07)–The new year always bris with it change, but this you may
not want. At midnight New Year’s Eve, a popular way to get discounts at
the pump will be no more.

A representative from a local Speedway says the chain will no longer
offer fuel discount redemptions in the form of coupons or receipts.

The coupons violate a state law mandated by the Weights and Measures
Department. But if you use a Speedy Rewards Card at the pump you can
still get a deal on gas.

Speedway says it plans to accept the coupons customers already have until they expire.

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I e-mailed WOODTV to see if they’d pick up the story… more on that later.

Leave a comment and let us know how you feel! This sure isn’t going to help at all!

OFF TOPIC- Mother dies while delivering triplets

I feel compelled this evening- not to talk about gasoline prices or even anything related to them- but to blog and ask for you to pray for Tina Hagenbuch and her family as she has slipped away from the grasp of life, delivering new life while sacrificing her own.

Tina passed away expectedly Thursday while giving birth to triplets.

WOODTV 8 is reporting the story out of Grand Rapids this evening, more can be found on their webpage, woodtv.com, or use this direct link:

I briefly took a look at her MySpace page and felt compelled and saddened by the loss of a wife, mother, and to many, a friend.

I have no connection to Tina, but please- pray for her and her family during this time of need, time of questions, and time of sadness.


Sunoco helping to support the spring run up?

From toledoblade.com:

Sunoco plans repairs at Toledo refinery

Sunoco Inc., the largest oil refiner in the
eastern United States, said it plans to shut a fluid catalytic cracker
and crude unit in Toledo for repairs next fall, with the possibility
that part of the unit would be shut down as early as March.Top
company officials told analysts yesterday of the work, saying the
refinery on the Toledo-Oregon border has two crude units but one will
be shut and “cleaned out,” officials said. The unit has been processing
80,000 barrels of oil a day, 10,000 barrels less than its maximum
capacity.The refinery, on Woodville Road, can process 165,000
barrels a day, according to figures from the company and the U.S.
Energy Department. Not clear was whether the work would curb
production, how long the work would last, or whether employees would be

Hmm- just as the huge gasoline boom starts, Sunoco wants to shut their unit down? That seems a bit odd. Why not pick the slowest time of the year (fall) and get everything completed then?

Maybe there’s a better reason to it, but I can’t think of any.

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