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Most West Michigan BP stations getting me angry

BP has generally been my station of choice for quite some time, but things have slowly been starting to frustrate me with many of the local BP stations (look at GRGP tonight! ALL the high priced stations are BP! ELEVEN!). For one- while they had been typically running 9-cents more for a higher grade, they now run 11-cents higher. IE- $3.99/$4.10/$4.21 That irritates me to no end. Speedway had adopted the 10-cent rule a few years back after having gone as little as 7-cents higher per grade. So why has BP suddenly decided they need more than 9-cents? I wonder if it has something to do with more and more cars requiring premium fuel, like one of mine.

Next, today BP decides that its going to try its own hike, to an astounding $3.99! What in the heck is going on? I must say the BP at 28th and Wilson is perhaps the only BP around with decent management… they went from $3.85 or $3.88 (can’t remember) to $3.78 late tonight.

Next time I think about going to BP, maybe I’ll elect for a station with better tactics than most the BP’s.

Again, please read- the BP at 28th and Wilson is NOT one of the BP’s I’m referring to. Here is a list:

BP @
Port Sheldon St & 28th Ave
36th St SW & Buchanan Ave
44th & Division
Kalamazoo Ave SE & 60th St SE
10 Mile & US-131
E Division & Wolverine
Plainfield & Woodworth
Fulton & E of Bronson
West River & US-131
Alpine & Coventry
E Division St near Stebbins Ave

Unless these BP stations change their habits, I’d like readers to know what kind of crap these stations are pulling. They are trying to pull a fast one. Even “almighty” Speedway didn’t reset to $3.99! They chose 14-cents LESS per gallon.

Gouging anyone? I’m done with said stations unless they change their practices.


Lawsuit against Speedway/Super America/Marathon!?

I encourage ALL who are reading this to comment and speak up!! Leave your comments HERE

Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo announced groundbreaking
litigation filed today in Franklin Circuit Court against Marathon Oil
Corporation, Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC and Speedway SuperAmerica,
LLC, charging the corporations with profiteering during the time of
emergency following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The companies are
alleged to have overcharged Kentucky consumers more than $89 million in
grossly excessive motor fuel pricing.

WHERE IS MICHIGAN?! I e-mailed Michigan Attorney General Michael Cox.

Read the full story here

Anticipating Lower Prices in the “Speedway States”

Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 1:15PM:  I know we are hurting with gas prices — Michigan has the highest average price in the country right now.  A newsletter I receive regularly reports that last week “Governor Granholm submitted testimony to Congress on the escalating cost and volatility of gasoline prices in Michigan and across the nation. The Governor also joined with other Democratic governors in asking President Bush to support legislation that would define gas price gouging and press oil companies to increase refinery capacity.”  I think the governors of the “Speedway States” (MI, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN) need to apply whatever pressure they can to improve the situation with refineries, but it is clear to me that the retailers are not gouging us.  They are paying a wholesale price that is highly elevated right now.  So is it the refiners?  The oil companies?  Both?

And what about those companies that own refineries and retail outlets, like Speedway?  I still want a better understanding of whether or not the fact that the six states listed above have the highest prices in the country right now has anything to do with the fact that these are the six states that Speedway sells gas in.  We know the extent to which Speedway leads the other stations around when it comes to retail prices.  What influence do they have on wholesale prices?  I just don’t know.

The real point of this site is to try to buy gas before a price hike.  It remains difficult to do this as long as wholesale prices in the Speedway States are so out-of-whack with other parts of the country.  The one read I have on regional wholesale prices is that they are lower than they were a week ago when we jumped to $3.65.  That suggests to me we have room to go down to $3.35, and since we are currently in a $3.41-$3.59 range, I’m going to proceed under the assumption that a price hike isn’t coming this week and hold off on filling up with gas.  So, let’s make that a prediction, subject to change.

Gas at $3.65 now, but is $3.75 possible?

My benchmark station in Indiana that is provided gasoline by the same
refiner we are jumped from 3.38 to 3.58 today. We jumped from around
3.38 to 3.65. As I’ve told you before, this station is usually much
cheaper than Grand Rapids is.

Are we in store for a hike yet again to $3.75? I’m not sure. Wholesale
prices went way down today, and prices for gasoline supplied via
pipeline plunged (Grand Rapids is serviced by the Wolverine Pipeline
from down south which also ships gasoline via Muskegon and
Holland, our major racks.) The pipeline prices fell 13-15 cents today.
This makes calling another hike very difficult.

I was looking at CaliforniaGasPrices.com and noticed that Grand Rapids
is just cents away from the HIGHEST prices in California, and any hike
will likely take us to the top.

Also, according to GasBuddy.com, Michigan has the highest average in
the 50 states- $3.535. Indiana and Illinois follow, but are “only” at
$3.47 and $3.45, respectively.

When will it end?
Not just yet, but I still don’t see $4 gas being a reality here.

Are these prices gouging?
No, wholesale prices have climbed.

Why are prices so high?
As I’ve said before its because Michigan’s gasoline demand is so high
yet and we have but one refinery serving us. A major refinery that
serves Grand Rapids is only operating at 50%. States like Indiana have
lower demand (lower population) and have more refineries.

So, a hike is POSSIBLE, but odds are only 60/40 for $3.75.

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Gas gouging?

Connect the dots … problems in the Alaska pipeline all over the news this morning, which instantaneously makes all gasoline sitting around about 10% more valuable (right?), at least if you listen to the media, such as WOOD-1300 AM, who are (hysterically?) warning listeners this morning to fill up, which is contributing to those lines at the gas stations you’re seeing this morning. OK, yes, I filled up, too, for $3.08 in Allendale, because we know that Speedway and friends have a tendency to raise prices first and ask questions later. But did you know that the Illinois-Wisconsin-Michigan axis already has practically the most expensive gas in the 48 states this morning (it looks like only some parts of California and Connecticut are in worse shape)? And if we get some frightening spike to, say, $3.49 a gallon, how will Gov. Granholm, whose “Gas Gougers” advertisement hit the airwaves this weekend, respond?

I repeat what I posted on July 26, “August will probably be a price hike disaster”. There was an implicit prediction of a price hike in this posting, which did not occur, so I am going to give myself a WRONG.

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