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Housekeeping: Refinery Status Updated, DOE Report

I’ve taken some time to update the Refinery Status page with the latest knowledge of refinery issues, make sure to check it out by clicking the link at the top of the page “Refinery and U.S. Pricing Status” Now, on

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Florida Gas Prices- similar… slow falls expected

Good afternoon from Orlando, Florida! Thanks to Ed for writing his predictions this week as I took a short respite from things. I noticed in Florida, a state with NO refineries, prices similar/lower than Michigan. They also have higher demand

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DOE Report: Much more balanced this week, good gains!

Highlights from today’s weekly release of the DOE Petroleum Stockpile Data: >Refineries operated at 87.1% of capacity… a huge decrease from the week previous!>Gasoline production dropped roughly 200,000bpd compared to last week>Crude oil imports seem on a rebound: they averaged

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Just imagine- today- a 40 cent gas hike. Some in Washington WANT this!

Does this upset you? Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment below! From the AP News Wire this morning: By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – A special commission is urging the government to raise federal

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Speedy Rewards: No clear answer! Upset? Leave a comment!

So rumors have been abundant about Speedway canceling its beloved Speedy Rewards program starting January 1. What has changed? I’m not sure. A few posts from got me curious- I had yet to hear about anything changing, so I

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DOE Report: HUGE gasoline gain, huge oil loss… I’ll take it!

With the DOE’s weekly energy report being released just moments ago, here are some highlights: >Refinery Utilization… YES!! Finally! 91.3% of capacity. This is JUST what we needed to slow the rise in gas prices!>Gasoline Demand… rose 0.4% compared to

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