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First tropical storm; wholesale prices rise: hike?

Well after a good DOE report, and after oil fell over $1 per barrel,
gasoline started to trade higher. Why? Not exactly sure, but traders
could be getting back in the market fearing that with the new tropical
storm that this year will be rough on the oil infrastructure in the

Gasoline ended up 4 cents today.

I checked my “benchmark” gas station in Burns Harbor, Indiana, and they
are sitting at 3.17 for regular unleaded. This worries me. Usually
Grand Rapids is higher or sees a hike when this is the case.

Its not for sure, but we might see a small hike tomorrow to 3.19-3.25. Its like 65/35 odds right now in favor of a small hike.

Either stay tuned to GrandRapidsGasPrices.com or fill that tank up
tonight. Gas can be had for 3.09 in the Fuller/Michigan and
Fuller/Leonard areas.

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